Vicky is Marten's ex-girlfriend.

She appears in a series of strips that chronicle Marten's relationship with her and why he moved to Massachusetts, culminating in a little revenge-by-dairy.


Relationship with Marten[edit | edit source]

Vicky and Marten met during Marten's final semester in college, after being introduced by a friend. Things turned sour after a good two months of the relationship, as graduation loomed nearer, and Vicky started talking about moving away from California.

Although Marten suggests a long-distance relationship, Vicky became colder towards him. Finally, Vicky admits she would find a long-distance relationship difficult, and clearly plans on breaking up with Marten, whilst Marten decides to move away with her.

Once the pair left California, the relationship was seemingly stable, until Vicky gradually started having less time for Marten, ending with her calling him to break up.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Vicky in Number 1781: It Does A Body Good.

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