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Vespavenger, or Vespa Avenger, is the name of a psychopathic hipster girl who, in her own words, "right(s) wrongs done to the hearts of innocent women. I am vengeance. I am the night."[1]

Her website ( has the tagline, "Where Payback Really Is A Bitch.™" Faye commented that she was pure "B for Bitchdetta!"[2]

She uses a Transformer-like Combat Robot in the shape of a Vespa[3] to help in her avenging. The robot has a laser that can disintegrate items, like a stop sign or a broom.[4]

Faye, Dora and Marten teamed up to defeat her (with a little help from Pintsize).[5]

She was taken away by Secret Agent Turing and charged with Illegal Possession of a Combat Robot. However, instead of incarceration, she was offered a gig in Research and Development in order to "keep a close eyes on her, ah, extracurricular activities."[6]

Though Vespavenger's first appearance was in strip 720, where she mistakenly attacks Steve, in strip 685 Sven mentions being run over by "some drunk hipster chick on a Vespa".[7]