Veronica Reed, also known as Veronica Vance in her line of work, is the ex-wife of Henry Reed and the mother of Marten Reed.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Reed was a leading kink model[2] under the name Veronica Vance. She continues to work as a professional dominatrix,[3] and her clients include at least one senator.[3] It's been hinted that her career is winding down at age 56,[4] so she is seeking a publisher for her memoirs[5] as well as someone to take over her business.[6]

1000s Edit

Veronica is sure that Faye Whitaker and Marten Reed would have made a bad couple.[7]

2000s–3000s Edit

Tai Hubbert proposed Veronica go out with Jim Bean, the owner of Secret Bakery.[8] Although she was initially skeptical of the idea, Veronica decided to meet him, even though she would need to move to Massachusetts for that.[9] Eventually they begun a relationship.[10] Later, Veronica moved into Jim's apartment,[11] and she celebrated her nesting with cookies.[12]

Veronica has consoled Sam, when Faye told her she wasn't allowed in the Robot-Fighting Ring.[13]

Personality Edit

Ms. Reed has no known history of experimenting with same-sex relationships, but she found Tai Hubbert adorable.[14] She formerly pursued younger men and reports a multitude of partners.[15] She remains emotionally unsatisfied[16] and may even be desperate.[17] She takes a gourmet approach to alcohol[18][19] and used cocaine in the 70s.[20]

Veronica is perceptive[21] and well-spoken, and while fiercely protective of Marten,[22] she's ready to wait and see how he makes his own decisions. Even if that would make him fall flat. But she'll be there to help him get back up. She appears to have mastered the capacity to be protective without being judgmental.

She was a nurturing parent, as shown by her creation of the worry hat.

She has a few handicaps in social interactions, being prone to speak without thinking[23] and having trouble remembering names.[15][24]

Trivia Edit

  • Veronica has a blog on the QC world's Web, but apparently not on ours and Dora was eager to know the URL.[25]
  • Photo of young Veronica can be seen in Number 1828: A Picture Postcard.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "That's all I needed to hear, honey. You're a nice girl at heart, I think everything will turn out for the best in the end. That being said, if you hurt my boy I will introduce you to a whole new realm of pain and suffering. We're talkin' stuff that would make Hieronymus Bosch shit his britches, capisce?"[22]
  • "...but one run-in with Child Services after that time you brought my bondage gear with you to Show and Tell was enough for me."[26]
  • "So, do you want me to kill Dora for you?"[27]
  • "It WOULD be, if his father weren't such a stick in the mud."[28]
  • "Honey, I married a gay man and routinely sleep with men young enough to be my children. You're asking the wrong parent."[29]


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