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Questionable Content Wiki
This page is an essay. It contains the advice or opinions of one or more contributors. This is not a Questionable Content Wiki policy or a guideline.

How to edit Questionable Content Wiki[]

A typical cycle of adding new prose material to the Wiki:

  1. Choose an article that you want to contribute to.
  2. Read through a section that you want to improve.
  3. Open the first appearance of the subject of the article in the strip.
  4. Scroll through the comic, while remembering what you have read in the second step.
  5. Find the earliest point in the comic, which is not described.
  6. Write a sentence for each scene, which should be described.
  7. Add references to comics. Preferred formats are <ref>{{QC|}}</ref> and <ref>{{QC/range2||}}</ref>.
  8. Before publishing, write a succinct edit summary.
  9. If during scrolling you find something interesting, write the comic number down on piece of paper, or in notepad.exe. Otherwise you risk losing track of the story of the subject you chose in the first step.
  10. Save often enough to avoid losing written text by accident.

Things to keep in mind[]

  • It is easier to copy-edit a written article, then to start an article from scratch.
  • Use pronouns judiciously.
  • Try to follow other guidelines.

Things to avoid[]

  • Avoid repetition of transitional words. That is, avoid paragraph structure like "And then they ... And then they ..." where "And then" can be any other phrase.
  • Avoid over-using images. We are already pushing the limit of what can be considered a fair use of Jeph's work. Read more in image guidelines.
  • Avoid quoting the comic too much in the prose.

How to efficiently edit Questionable Content Wiki[]

  • Be competent. Learn basics of Wikitext. Use templates.
  • Be lazy. Copy existing patterns and structures instead of inventing your own. Use preload templates – a dropdown just under the "Publish" button.
  • Be orderly. Add a TODO list to your user page. And use it!
  • Use search engines for refs.

How to maintain Questionable Content Wiki[]

  • Keep an eye on Recent Changes page.
    • If you do a lot of changes, hide your own edits and save it as the default filter. You can also add the following wikitext to your user page for fast access to the filter:
      [{{fullurl:Special:RecentChanges|hidemyself=1&days=30&limit=1000}} Recent changes]
  • When you see an update to the field "Latest appearance" in the infobox of a character, check if the previous latest appearance is described in the article. Make sure there's at least a sentence about it.
  • Point new editors towards Style guide and other community pages, if necessary.
  • Keep Module:QC/titles up to date. An automatic bot is the best solution.
  • Put important updates on the page MediaWiki:Community-corner. Updates to this page will show as a notification to all logged in editors. Use announcements for notification in the other corner of the screen. Announcements are also probably more accessible from mobile browsers.
  • For more, see Category:Organization.