Union Robotics[1] is a robot repair shop on Union Street started and run by Faye and Bubbles. Dora co-signed the lease.[2] The sign outside was designed by Number Seven.[1][3]

Idea of Faye and Bubbles stating a repair business was suggested by Marten.[4]

Dora 3485 Union Robotics Toast

Dora makes a toast at the Union Robotic's launch party

Customers Edit

Their first customer was Melon,[5] and they have also been producing a giant metallic penis for Pintsize.[6][7] However, business has been slow thus far. The second customer who came in for repairs was Roko Basilisk.[8]

One of the first jobs Faye and Bubbles did was adding limbs to Jeremy.[9]

Once, Beepatrice's boss came to the shop with a severed arm.[10] Number Seven had some welding done on her chassis.[11]

A scientist Mille-Feuille[12] broke her leg while looking for cloaked emu. Her colleague brought her to Union Robotics for emergency repairs.[13]

Site Edit

The shop's URL appears to be[14]; which redirected to at least on March 1st, 2018. As of August 25, 2018, the site is down.

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