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Union Robotics[1] is a robot repair shop on Union Street started and run by Faye and Bubbles. Dora co-signed the lease.[2] The sign outside was designed by Number Seven.[1][3]

Idea of Faye and Bubbles starting a repair business was suggested by Marten.[4]

Dora makes a toast at the Union Robotic's launch party


Before Union Robotics was founded, Bubbles and Faye added limbs to Jeremy, as a freelance job.[5][6]

Their first customer was Melon,[7] and they have also been producing a giant metallic penis for Pintsize.[8][9] However, business has been slow thus far. The second customer who came in for repairs was Roko Basilisk.[10]

Once, Beepatrice's boss came to the shop with a severed arm.[11] Number Seven had some welding done on her chassis.[12]

Faye and Millefeuille looking at "Thicc, A Butt Catalog" in 4089: Everyone Has A Limit

A scientist Millefeuille broke her leg while looking for cloaked emu. Her colleague Jones brought her to Union Robotics for emergency repairs. Bubbles and Faye decided to glue the broken femur with epoxy, while waiting for replacement parts. Sam has helped glue the tear of the dermal layer. During the procedure, Millefeuille asked if they can do gluteal augmentation, for which Faye had to ask Jim Bean permission if Sam could attend the procedure.[13]

After having her leg pop out of socket several times,[14] May came in for repairs.[15] Sam helped polishing some parts, while Bubbles took over her spray for Beepatrice.[16]

On the same day, Millefeuille's implants arrived.[17] She was embarrassed at first,[18] and Faye had to get another approval from Jim.[19] Finally, after the implants were installed,[20] it turned out that Millefeuille can no longer fit in her trousers.[21] Faye sent Sam to get her shorts from her apartment, where Sam met Pintsize.[22]


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