This is an attempt to organize the events of the strip into a day-by-day timeline. Obviously, it is a work in progress.

The main evidence used is when events occur in sequence along with references by characters to when past events occurred. The clothing worn by characters can also be used to identify events which are occurring within a single day.

Several time intervals are highlighted: Spring Semester, Summer, Fall.

This timeline does not include guest strips.

1–999[edit | edit source]

0s[edit | edit source]

18 Day 1: Friday evening, Marten meets Faye at a bar.

921 Day 2: Saturday. Marten buys coffee in the morning, hangs out at home in the afternoon, and goes to dinner with Faye in the evening. He cleans out Pintsize who has eaten cake mix when he gets home.

2227 Day 3: Sunday. Faye moves in after her apartment burns down. It's possible that more time has passed than one day, but the justification is that 28 implies that it takes place only a couple days after Number 10: Coffeeshop Lust.

2841 Day 4: Monday. Sara decides she isn't into Marten after all. He is sad about it. Faye and Marten hang out with Jimbo at his bar.

4248 Day 5: Tuesday. Marten buys an iPod. Faye trolls hot topic.

In Number 48: 'Tis The Season it is mentioned that Thanksgiving is upcoming. It is in dispute whether this reference really matters for timeline purposes (it could have just been a timely joke for the 'real world' calendar)

4955 Indeterminate time passage. Marten gets a tax refund and buys a guitar.

5767 Indeterminate time passage. Faye makes Marten a cake. Pintsize damages himself eating the cake and gets a new chassis. Marten, Steve, Faye, and Sara go out. Faye breaks her glasses.

Possible jump between Number 62: Sshrkkt! and Number 63: Henry Rollins. The continuity is based on Marten wearing the same shirt.

This set represents the earliest point in time that Year 2 could have started.

Possible multi-day jump here. Steve meets Sara in Number 66: Booze Is Awesome and they break up in Number 94: At Least She's Not A Rothko.

6880 Indeterminate time passage. (In favor of one day is the fact that it seems unlikely Faye would've been let to stumble around blind for more time. In favor of multiple days is that Steve meets Sara in 66 and the implication in 94 is that they were together more than two days.) Marten gets Faye a new pair of glasses. Pintsize discusses his immortality. Marten and Faye go out to dinner. They stop by the coffee shop afterwards and Faye introduces Marten to Dora.

8199 Next day: Dora refers to meeting Marten "last night" in Number 83: Spectral Voices.

Marten visits Faye and Dora at the coffeeshop on his way to work. Marten has a conversation with Scott at work. Faye meets Marten at work. Steve comes over. Marten, Faye, and Steve play video games and have a drinking contest. Steve says he's broken up with Sara. Marten and Faye go out for pancakes.

Continuity glitch: Scott implies it's Monday in Number 86: Psychoethanologist but Faye implies it's Friday in Number 88: Fightin' Mood

100s[edit | edit source]

100118 Indeterminate time passage: Marten walks in on Faye while she's changing. Raven visits the coffee shop. Dora's mother mails her a vibrator. Dora flashs Marten. Faye invites Dora over to their apartment but she declines. Faye and Marten go over to Dora's apartment and Faye locks Dora out. So Dora comes to their apartment and sleeps over.

119138 Next day: Dora goes home the next morning. Marten and Faye take Pintsize to an Anthro coffee shop. Marten and Faye go to the mall. Marten and Faye discuss the way she talks (her suppressing her southern accent and not using contractions). Dora comes over to visit Marten and Faye. They discuss their pasts and their attraction to Marten.

139163 Next day: Dora and Faye go shopping the next morning. Dora flirts with Marten by asking him to rub sunburn lotion on her shoulders. Alan Turing, a federal agent, comes to conficate Pintsize. Dora and Faye fend him off. Marten and Faye go out for ice cream. Faye cuts her hair.

164185 Next day: Faye's sister Amanda visits but returns home promptly after Faye patches thinks up between Amanda and their mother.

Amanda is on a semester break here.

186213 Next day: Steve meets Ellen, sets up double-date with Marten and Dora. Faye cuts her hand making dinner.

200s[edit | edit source]

214236 Next day: Steve/Ellen & Marten/Dora double-date. Marten and Dora decide to be friends while Steve has heartburn over Ellen's age.

237269 Next day: Ellen and Steve face their feelings over Ellen's age. Marten shares the story of his moving to MA to be with Vicky. Pintsize gets a virus.

Ellen is back in class here implying the new semester has started.

270309 Next day: Faye updates her glasses prescription. Raven starts working at CoD. Marten and Faye start looking for a new apartment. Ellen and Steve knock boots.

300s[edit | edit source]

310350 Next day: Marten and Faye look at an apartment and are told they can start moving in the next week. Sven has dinner with Dora. Raven draws pictures of the CoD employees on the chalkboard with Faye's picture being a drawing. Pintsize is ducktaped to the wall.

351383 The next week [exact number of days unknown, based on when Marten and Faye could start moving in]: Nat meets Amir while at dinner with Steve and Ellen. Marten says he doesn't think he needs to be worried about Dora being taken by some other boy. Raven finds out that Astro-Glide is not hair gel but sexual lubricant. Angus makes his first appearance while the CoD employees and Marten are eating pizza. Marten and Faye pack their apartment to start moving the next day.

384395 Next day: Steve and Ellen come over to help Faye and Marten move to their new apartment. Ellen gets Faye to try on short-shorts, which she changes out of once they start moving. They finish moving and Ellen invites Nat down to join them for dinner and beers. This establishes that Nat and Amir have started dating.

396417 Unknown time (Faye's first day back at CoD after moving in, but later dialogue indicates more than a day): Faye gets a bed while on her lunch break. Raven gets a tattoo in Japanese. Dora sees the new apartment for the first time.

Continuity note: It's established in Number 398: She's Going To Break That Table that Faye has been sleeping on Marten's couch for "the last couple months".

400s[edit | edit source]

418430 Next day: The Coffee of Doom gets redecorated. Pintsize has a housewarming party with other AnthroPCs to raise money to help Faye finish furnishing her bedroom.

431463 Next day: Marten's mom, Veronica, comes to visit unexpectedly. She lies to his boss to get him out of work for a week. It's established that Marten's dad is dating Marcel. Veronica and Marten have lunch with Dora and dinner with Faye. Marten considers starting a blog. Coffee of Doom redecorating continues. Faye opens up to Dora a little bit about what happened when she got her scar.

464509 Next day (?): Marten starts his blog. Ellen says that she and Steve broke up. Steve has been drunk for days. Nat and Amir start a band. Marten, Faye, and Raven go to Dora's to drink and watch movies. Faye tells Marten about her father committing suicide. This is the first time she tells anyone the full details of what happened.

Continuity note: When Ellen walks into CoD, Faye says it's been a while since she's seen her. This indicates more than a day between Number 395: Not Even Orlando Bloom and Number 396: Faye Is Sort Of Channeling Me Here.

500s[edit | edit source]

510534 Next day: Faye puts Pintsize in the freezer. At the shop, Faye tells Dora (and later Raven) about her father's suicide and about her conversation with Marten the previous night. Marten and Steve go to Jimbo's bar, who tells them about how he got caught having an affair with his publisher's wife. Marten drunkenly pees in the ladies' room sink and meets Hannelore. Faye, Raven, and Dora go to see Sven play at the Purple Opossum. Marten meets Winslow at Hannelore's apartment and they play Scrabble. Hannelore accidently reveals she's been stalking him, Marten accidentally tases himself, and Faye and Marten ultimately decide to befriend Hannelore.

535569 Next day: Raven convinces Dora to "set a sexy trap" for Marten, and Dora goes home to change, but ultimately decides to ignore Raven's advice. Raven continues scheming to get them together. She also encourages Faye to find a therapist, and Hannelore shows up at the shop looking for Marten, having made a doll in his likeness. Marten plays music with Nat and Amir. Dora and Faye get Hannelore to hang out with them. When leaving their building, Dora runs into Marten; they hang out, and she kisses him. Marten tells Faye, who goes to yell at Dora but tells her that it's okay if they date.

570580 Next day: Faye announces plans to make a visit to her family in Savannah. Marten runs into Steve and Ellen. Faye and Dora note Marten's uncharacteristic absence from the shop that day.

589604 Next day: Marten wakes up early to see Faye off before her flight. Amanda greets Faye in the airport in Savannah. Faye spends time with her mother and plans to visit her father's grave the following day. Pintsize befriends Winslow. Marten hangs out at the shop; Dora is happy but hints about her insecurity over whether he would rather have been with Faye in a conversation with Raven. They consult the Makeout Hobo. Marten and Dora watch a movie at her apartment, and Dora decides not to have sex with him right away.

600s[edit | edit source]

605622 Next day (Monday?*): Faye visits the grave of her father, David. Marten slept over at Dora's, and the two go out for breakfast in the morning. Dora questions whether it was the right thing for them to get together. Faye spends time with Amanda. Marten returns home to find the aftermath of a party thrown by Pintsize and attended by Hannelore and several AnthroPCs. Steven, Ellen, and Marten hang out at the shop, and Marten bemoans the fact that he has to return to work the following day (having gotten off work for "the rest of the week" in Number 432: School's Out For Ever).

*Because Marten gets off work "for the rest of the week" and not for a week exactly, and only six days actually pass, it can be inferred that Number 605: In Memoriam begins on a Monday.




Marten meets Tai, who hires him for a job at Smif College Williston Library on the spot. Hanners buys a roomba. Dora and Marten are assaulted by Shaolin monks while have a celebratory lunch. Dora tempts Penelope with a job at the Coffee of Doom. Marten waxes philosophical with Winslow at Hanners' apartment. Angus verbally spars with Faye. Steve tells the gang that Ellen accepted a gig on a deep sea research ship, and broke up with him pre-emptively. Marten, Dora, Hanners, Faye and Steve get pizza and go back to Marten and Faye's for bourbon. Marten walks a drunks Steve home and defends him from VespAvenger with a stop sign.

700s[edit | edit source]


The next day. Penelope takes the job at Coffee of Doom. Tai tells Marten about her drama with Bailey. Marten, Dora and Faye google VespAvenger. Ellen and Marten have a showdown at the library. At home, Marten, Faye and Dora playact a fight to lure VespAvenger into a confrontation. They are outmatched by her Vespabot, until Pintsize destroys it with a brick. Agent Turing recruits her.

Continuity note: As of Number 726: Polyamory Can Be Tricky, Tai is still living in the dorms, so we can infer that the Spring semester hasn't ended.




800s[edit | edit source]






900s[edit | edit source]





9891009 Sven visits the coffee shop. Faye visits her therapist and discusses her drinking. Marten visits the coffee shop. Hanners reviews her mother's accounts. Penelope, Dora, and Faye go to the gym. Marten gets left in charge of the coffee shop. Raven is supposed to come in but goes to Canada instead. Hanners and Winslow come in to help. Marten and Dora go out to dinner. Hanners comes over and plays cards with Faye and Pintsize.

1000–1999[edit | edit source]

1000s[edit | edit source]

10101024 Hanners' father sends her a robot boyfriend. Winslow uploads into the robot. Pintsize and Winslow put Hanners of trial for grabbing the robot's ass. Marten defends Hanners. Sven visits the coffee shop and asks Faye to help him with song lyrics. Marten and Tai talk at work.

May be a jump here.

10251048 Steve, Meena, and Dave talk about Meena and Dave's former relationship. Steve and Marten go to the coffee shop and talk about Meena. Marten meets Dora's parents.

May be a jump here.

10491059 Faye and Penelope go to the gym and then chair-joust at the coffee shop over remarks that were made. Raven tells Dora about the man she met in Canada. Hanners and Marten go to the music store and Hanners buys a gong. Faye and Dora get up in the middle of the night and have a conversation in Faye's kitchen.

10601079 Raven's boyfriend Benji visits the coffee shop. Dora has a touch of jealousy over the other woman who have been interested in Marten. Faye visits Hanners and finds out it's her Number 22: The Most Dangerous Toastnd birthday. They go to a karaoke bar and meet Sven. They go back to Sven's apartment and Faye ends up in bed with Sven.

10801110 Faye wakes upset that she had sex with Sven but then has sex with him again before leaving. She has an emergency appointment with her therapist to discuss the situation. She tells Dora and Marten; Dora's upset and Marten isn't. Marten meets up with Hanners and Steve and they go out to eat. Marten and Dora reconcile. Faye has a drinking relapse and Hanners helps her sober up.

1100s[edit | edit source]

11111129 Faye and Dora discuss Faye having slept with Sven. Raven finds out and is briefly upset. Hanners has a pregnancy panic (despite being a virgin) which Marten and Tai help her deal with. Angus visits Faye at the coffee shop. Sven discusses Faye with Wil. Raven says she broke up with Benji.

11301149 Dora visits Marten at the library. They plan on making out in the copyroom but catch another couple there instead. Sven visits Faye at the coffee shop and introduces Wil to Penelope. Raven gets bubblegum in Faye's hair so Faye goes home to get it out and Hanners comes over to visit. Marten gets food poisoning.

11501170 Marten and Hanners discuss Marten's food poisoning. Faye gets attacked by a raccoon at the coffee shop and goes home sick. Marten tells Faye he saw Sven with another woman which upsets Faye. Faye goes over to Sven's apartment and confronts a woman there who turns out to be his lawyer. Hanners, Marten, and Dora all have strange dreams.

11711198 Marten visits Dora at the coffee shop. Hanners and Marten practice with their band. They, along with Amir, try to talk to Natasha about her poor playing. Natasha quits the band and breaks up with Amir. Sven visits Faye at the coffee shop. Wil goes to the coffee shop looking for Penelope and gets misdirected by Faye. Faye goes to Sven's apartment and finds out Wil is a friend of Sven's. Faye spends the night with Sven.

11991226 Marten gives Hanners a worry hat. She bangs her head accidentally and becomes upset when she gets blood on the hat. Wil stops by to give Penelope a poem but gives her the wrong one. Hanners visits Marten and Tai at the library. Hanners buys some sexy firemen pictures from Pintsize.

1200s[edit | edit source]

12271254 Faye, Dora, and Raven discuss how to increase business at the coffee shop. Sven hires Lydia as an intern. Wil asks Penelope out on a date. Hanners visits Marten and Tai at the library where Tai flirts with her. Tai decides to get her clit pierced and brings Marten along. Faye and Hanners make cookies.

Continuity glitch: Sven supposedly hired Lydia at a party he went to the night before. But this party was not shown in the strip. It might have happened the same day as 11991226, but there may have been a jump.

12551257, Friday: Wil shows up for his date with a broken arm, and Penelope takes him to the emergency room.

12581264 Faye blows up the espresso machine.

Spring Semester

1300s[edit | edit source]

13111320: Dora has blonde roots down to her eyes. It is snowing and exceptionally cold. Penelope reads a letter from Wil. Hannelore has the flu. Faye sleeps over at Sven's.

Continuity note: The change in Dora's hair from Number 1302: Coulda Been A Sailor to Number 1311: A Trustworthy Bunch represents a six-month time jump, according to Jeph's Twitter at the time. The weather indicates a mid-January time frame.

13211328: Hanners is still sick. Dora and Marten get in a fight after Cosette asks him out. Faye sleeps over at Sven's.

Continuity note: Dora changes shirts for dinner between Number 1326: Two-Way Streets Of Rage and Number 1327: Seriously, Worse And Worse.

Number 1329: Blind High-Five Attempt Next day: Marten tells Tai about the fight.

Clothing doesn't give any clues as to whether Number 1329: Blind High-Five Attempt and 13301334 occur on the same day.

13301334 Saturday: Marten, Dora, Faye and Hanners play Drinkin' Srabble. Sven hooks up with Gina Riversmith.

Continuity note: Sven is at the concert he invited Faye to in Number 1320: A Combination Of Surprise And Agony And Tickling.

13351349 Sunday: Sven tells Faye he hooked up with another woman, and she ends their quasi-relationship. Dora chews him out.


Monday. Marten catches up with Steve. Faye sees her therapist.


Band practice. Dora hits on Hanners.


Angus stops by to tell Faye he's single. Sven has been "moping for days".


Hanners visits the zoo.


Same day? Faye is sexually frustrated and can't sleep.

1400s[edit | edit source]

Number 1423: They've Been Planning For Days is the last strip where snow is visible in the background. By Number 1432: Or Born To Be Wild, the streets and hedges are clear.

1500s[edit | edit source]

15071514 Marten considers growing a moustache. Faye and Dora talk about how Raven has cut back on her working hours to go back to school. Marten's father, Henry, calls and invites Marten and Dora out to dinner on Friday.

May be a missing day here. Dora argues about plans being made only a couple of days in advance (Number 1513: Neither Of Them Even Remembers).

15151522 Friday Marten and Dora have dinner with Henry and Maurice. Henry proposes to Maurice and they meet up with Faye and Hanners to celebrate.

15231536 Hanners, Marigold, Marten, Dora, and Tai go to anime convention. They meet Jimbo. Wil stops by coffeeshop. Angus stops by coffeeshop and asks Faye out to a movie. She declines. Angus goes to movie with Marigold instead and then they stay up watching anime.

15371554 Marten, Dora, and Faye, go thrift store shopping. Steve visits Marten. Marten reminds Steve that Cosette never called him. They go to Tai's to get Cosette's phone number. Cosette encounters Steve and Marten on the street before he has a chance to call her. Steve and Cosette go out on their first date and end up back at her room where they're interrupted by a fire alarm and a trip to the ER.

15551578 Pintsize and Winslow play with the roomba and it flies out the window. Faye tells Angus about her father's suicide. Hanners injures herself with a baton. Dora asks Marten to move in with her.

15791586 Dora decides to move in with Marten and Faye instead.

Jump here

15871591 Moving day. Hanners and Steve help Dora move into Marten and Faye's apartment.

15921610 Dora wakes up Faye and snuggles with her. Tai talks to Dora and Marten about her relationship problems. Angus dances with Marigold. Tai comes over to apartment and cuddles with Faye. Marten injures his thumb and Hanners helps him. Tai gets drunk and sleeps over at Hanners.

1600s[edit | edit source]

16111632 Tai wakes up at Hanners. Angus and Marigold go to the coffeeshop. Marigold forgets her wallet and the shop and Faye brings it to the apartment. Faye stays for tacos and bourbon. Marigold tells her she's interested in Angus. Faye leaves suddenly. Marigold makes a pass at Angus and is rebuffed.

16331662 Hanners consoles Marigold. Steve and Dale stop by the coffeeshop. Hanner's roombas return. Faye delivers her tyrannosaurus sculpture for the coffeeshop. Momo gets Marigold out of bed to go to the coffeeshop. She bumps into Sven enroute and accidentally takes his book. Hanners worries about having a clone.

Continuity glitch: Hanners and Angus refer to Marigold's pass as having been made "last night" (Number 1633: Das Hangover and Number 1642: Twue Fwiends?). But when Momo gets Marigold out of bed she says been there for "two days" (Number 1651: Use Your Opponent's Force Against Him).

May be a jump here.

16631669 Faye and Angus talk about dating. Hanners and Marten talk about the roomba. Faye and Marten talk about Faye dating Angus. Dora and Marten make love and Dora stay up all night afterwards.

16701693 Dora and Hanners stay up and bake. Faye invites Angus over for a party Angus, Hanners, Marigold, Penelope, Tai, and Wil come over for the party. Marigold finds out about Angus and Faye. Hanners visits Marigold. Hanners stays up a second night

16941718 Tai wakes up at the apartment. Interrupts Dora and Marten in the shower Marten, Tai, Steve, and Cosette go shopping. Dora hires Cosette and Hanners to work in the coffeeshop.

1700s[edit | edit source]

17191749 Cosette and Hanners work their first day. (Hanners said in Number 1709: It's Important To Have Goals they would be training "tomorrow".) Angus kisses Faye and asks her out on a date. Angus and Faye go out to dinner. Faye and Marten talk about her date. Dora catches them and overreacts. Marten goes on a walk and talks to Sven. Faye chews out Dora. Marten and Dora reconcile.

17501770 Marten, Dora, and Faye talk. Sven visits the coffee shop for Cosette and Hanners' final training. Sven and Hanners go on a pretend date.

Continuity glitch: Faye is wearing a brown shirt in the morning at her apartment, a white top later at work, and a blue top later in the evening at home.

17711772 Marigold runs into Dale. Hanners and Marigold talk about Hanners' date. The Singularity happens (Number 1777: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out).

17731793 Angus mentions it's a few days after his date with Faye (Number 1773: Gotta Keep It Sharp).

Faye tells Angus about Dora's overreaction. Marten and Tai discuss the possibility of her dating Dora if they broke up. Sven stops by the cafe. Tai stops in and meets Marigold. They go back to Marigold's apartment to read her fanfic.


Marten and Dora have another fight when she reads his porn stash after he asked her not to. They break up.

1800s[edit | edit source]


Faye sees Dora at the cafe after the breakup and refers her to a therapist. Sven picks up some of Dora's belongings at the apartment and she moves in with him temporarily. Hanners visits Marten at the library and later at his apartment. Faye and Angus discuss the break-up. Marten talks to his mother on the phone. Marten gets drunk and makes a pass at Faye.


Marten's mother visits. She sees Marten, Tai, Hanners, Faye, Sven, and Dora.


Marten's mother leaves. Hanners and Marten look for a new coffee shop and find the Secret Bakery. Steve and Cosette visit Marten. Faye visits Angus and spends the night with him. Marigold visits Hanners. Dora dyes her hair black.

Continuity Note: Number 1844: Beware The Student Wizards is in late winter / early spring.

Maybe a jump here? Padma recognizes Marten by his usual order in Number 1865: Hel-LO Nurse, although he also could have visited the Secret Bakery off-panel for a second time the next day.


Hanners and Dora are on shift at Coffee of Doom. Angus and Faye run into Padma; Faye and Padma evaluate each other's hand-to-hand combat skills. Faye and Angus discuss his prior relationship with Renee and go back to Angus and Marigold's place. Marten and Steve get beers at The Horrible Revelation and bond while the Bros cheer them on. They join Padma, Renee and Elliot at their table. Padma casually flirts with Steve, assuming he is in a relationship with Marten. Marten alienates Padma with his bad attitude.

(Maybe a skip here? Hanners has changed out of her work clothes from Number 1856: The Inner Universe, but it's still evening)

Hanners is at Margiold's and eats all of her beef jerky. She has a panic attack after realizing how much salt she ate. Faye calms her down, falls asleep on Marigold's bed, and dreams that they have traded places.


Pintsize tricks out the roomba with a new speaker system. Cosette is upset with Steve for flirting with Padma and gets in her face at the Secret Bakery. Dora has her first day of therapy. Hanners introduces Marigold to Sven at Coffee of Doom. Tai visits the shop to say catch up with Dora, and finds herself feeling crushy afterwards. Hanners comes home to find Faye and Angus making out in her apartment. They go back to Faye's place and have intercourse for the first time. Marten and Pintsize throw them a congratulations party.


Dora is thinking about moving to an apartment in Amherst.


Dora checks out an apartment. Hanners is upset about the social upheaval. Dale gets in Marigold's face over Dungeon Crawl.

Maybe a jump here?


Dora decides on the Amherst apartment.

Maybe a jump here?


UMass is conducting a study on Human/AnthroPC relations.


The next day. Clinton shows up to interview Marten and Pintsize, awkwardly fanboys at Hanners.

1900s[edit | edit source]

May, Week 1
Mon 1933 Tai: "are you doing anything
this Friday? We're throwing
a big end-of-the-semester
Tue 19341942
Wed 19431951 "Did you know Dora's
got a date with some
guy on Friday?"
Fri 19521970 Dora's date with Jim.
Tai's party.
n.b. the real-life Smith
College's finals week
falls in early May.
Sat 19781990
May, Week 2
Sun 19911992
Mon 19931995
Tue 19962005

Maybe a jump here?


Marten misses Coffee of Doom. Clinton is stalking Hanners. Faye and Marten tie him to a chair and read him the riot act. Faye and Sven help Dora move in to her new place. Tai tries to start a topless party with Dora and Faye, but Faye is not having it. Tai discusses her crush on Dora with Faye. Steve and Marten go to Horrible Revelation, where Steve mentions that Cosette plans to move in with him in the summer. Faye and Angus discuss music.

Continuity notes: In Number 1896: My Lil' Spooky, Dora's apartment was going to be ready "by the end of next week", implying a less than seven day gap between that strip and these events.


Pintsize, Momo, Winslow and PTNumber 401: Just Because You're ParanoidX hang out.


Faye and Hanners visit the Secret Bakery and discuss a beans-for-pastries trade. They introduce Jim, the owner of the Secret Bakery, to Dora. Hanners and Elliot hang out at the Secret Bakery.


Penelope / Pizza Girl gag strip.


Tai invites Marten to her end-of-semester party.


Jim and Elliott deliver muffins to Coffee of Doom. Marten talks to Steve about Tai making a move on Dora. Raven shows up at Coffee of Doom to ask for her job back. Padma remembers Martens name; they talk about the Drama.


Angus and Faye make it official. Jim asks Dora out. Tai invites Dora to her party, but she can't make it. Raven attempts to send the Espressosaurus 96763 seconds (~ a day) into the future. Tai and Marten talk about Dora and reaffirm their status as bros.



Friday. Dora and Jim have a date. Jim is creepy and Dora isn't ready for a new relationship. Marigold and Hanners dance at Tai's party. Dora shows up late and runs into Marten on the porch. They decide to be friends. Tai takes a break from DJing to talk to Dora. Marten is "zen-contented."



Espressosaurus reappears (three days late). A gallery owner gives Faye a commission. Marten stops by the coffees shop and talks with Dora. Marten decides to get more serious about the band. Marten, Hanners, and Amir have a practice session.

Continuity note: Raven's last appearance for the summer, although she remains on the Coffee of Doom roster as of 2527


Hanners and Marigold are both suffering from sleep deprivation. Marigold stays at Hanners to avoid playing computer games all night.


Hanners grounds Marigold from video games.


Marigold takes Momo to the robot store to buy her a new chassis.

2000–2999[edit | edit source]

2000s[edit | edit source]

May, Week 2
Wed 20062015
Thu 20162028
Padma: "I'm moving home
in a couple weeks."
May, Week 3
Mon 20162028
Padma: "I'm moving home
in a couple weeks."
Tue 20292037
Wed 2038 Angus: "Are you working
this weekend? I'm going
down to New York"
Fri 20392057 Angus leaves for New York.
Marten and Padma's
first date.
Sat 20582061
May, Week 4
Sun 20622065
Mon 20662075 Angus returns from New York.
Padma revises her itinerary
out "a couple weeks".
Tue 20772084
Wed 2085
Thu 2091 Padma's original departure
date (earliest)
Fri 20922093
Marten and Padma make a
date for the following Friday.
June, Week 1
Sun 20922093
Marten and Padma make a
date for the following Friday.
Mon 2094 Padma's original departure
date (latest)
Tue 2094
Wed 2094
Thu 2094
Fri 20942095 Padma flakes out on Marten.
June, Week 2
Thu 2098 Padma hasn’t called back.
"It’s been like a week!"
Padma's revised departure date,
if pushed back from her original
earliest possible departure date
Fri 2099


Momo looks for a new job and Tai hires her for the library. Marten and Momo go to the Secret Bakery and see Padma. Momo meets Sam. Momo and Marten are invited for a hiking trip.


Marten goes hiking with Padma, Elliot, Momo, and Sam. Padma reveals she is moving back to L.A. in "a couple weeks". Elliot and Marten stop at the bar afterwards.


Marten and Steve go to the Secret Bakery. Padma tells them about getting a phone call from Elliot. Padma invites Martern to go out dancing. Marigold runs into Dale.


Angus is going to New York for the weekend. Faye declines his offer to join her.


Angus leaves on his trip. Faye sees him off and they tell each other "I love you." Faye is upset and gets drunk. Faye, Marten, and Hanners go out dancing. They meet Tai and Padma. They go back to the apartment and Padma spends the night with Marten.


Marten walks Padma home. He runs into Elliott, who is bummed. Pint size throws him a party at home.


Marten calls Padma and they make another date. Faye gets a haircut.


Angus is back from New York. Hanners, Momo and Marigold run into Clinton. Marten and Padma's second date. She's thinking about postponing her move for a few weeks.


The next day. Marten shows up at work without pants and walks home, via Coffee of Doom. Marten and Faye talk about Angus and the L word.


2085 Momo reads a book on AI civil rights.


2091 Marten cuddles with Padma.

20922093 Cookie time with Hannah, Marigold and Momo. Marten and Padma make a date for Friday.

20942095 Friday. Four or five days pass. Padma cancels her date with Marten.


20962097 Momo's gets her first paycheck. Angus and Marigold hang out.


2098 Padma hasn't called back. It's been 'like a week'.



Padma calls. She's leaving tomorrow. Marten claims to be too busy to see her out of spite.

2100s[edit | edit source]

June, Week 2
Sat 21002103 Padma's actual departure date
(best guess)
June, Week 3
Sun 21042105
Mon 2106 Marten asks for time off for a
space adventure "next week"
Padma's revised departure date,
if pushed back from her original
latest possible departure date
June, Week 4
Mon 21072126 space adventure, day 1
Tue 21272160 space adventure, day 2.
Marten emails Padma.
Wed 21612169 space adventure, day 3
Thu 21702175
Fri 21762187
Sat 21882195 Padma emails Marten back.
July, Week 1
Sun 21982200


The next day. Faye and Marten have a talk.


Hanners invites Marten and Marigold to her dad's birthday ("next week"), on short notice.


Marten asks for a few days off "next week".


Liftoff! Space adventure, day 1.


Space adventure, day 2. The birthday party.

Continuity note: Marten and Hannelore change outfits after playing badminton in Number 2133: Zero-G Volleyball Is Illegal, but Marigold wears her "Yaoi Zone" shirt throughout the day, to the party and into the next day.


Space adventure, third day & earthfall.


Dora has an appointment with her therapist and talks about it with Faye afterwards. Steve visits Marten and Faye visits Angus and Marigold.


Jim drops Sam off at the coffee shop while he goes out on a date. Sam and Faye unexpectedly bond.


Marten finds Hanners and Marigold dressing up Momo and Winslow. Dora visits Sven. Padma sends a response to Marten's email.

Continuity note: Sven hasn't hooked up with anyone "in months".


Marigold's father stops in for a very quick visit. Dora and Faye talk about Sven and cupcakes and then buy some cupcakes to eat.

2200s[edit | edit source]

July, Week 1
Mon 22012227 First appearances:
Emily, Claire, Gabby
Tue 22342255 Tai asks dora out.
Wed 22562270
Dora and Tai’s first date
July, Week 2
Tue 22562270
Dora and Tai’s first date
Wed 22712286
Thu 22872289 Emily: "You are invited to a
party! When: This Saturday"
Fri 2290
Sat 22912327 The lake party. Claire
comes out to Marten.


Marten and Momo walk to the library and talk about human-AI relations. (It appears to be the next day because the conversation begins with a reference to cupcakes.) Three new interns, Claire, Emily, and Gabby, begin working the library. Marten takes them to the coffee shop and then trains them on working at the library. Tai and Dora visit Marten and Faye. Tai walks home with Dora and they talk.


Tai and Dora wake up and remember their conversation from the night before. Marten, Momo, and the interns show up at the library but Tai is late so they go to the coffee shop. Marten talks with Dora about Tai and then goes to the library and talks with Tai about Dora. Clinton stops at the coffee shop and reveals he is Claire's brother. Tai goes to the coffee shop to see Dora. They talk, they kiss, and Tai asks Dora out on a date. Emily explores Momo's features. Pintsize relieves his boredom by vandalizing Marten's bathroom with porn.


Dora and Tai go out on their date. (It's not clear how many days have passed since Tai asked Dora out.) Tai visits Marten afterwards to talk about her date with Dora.


Dora and Faye discuss Dora's date "last night". Marten, Claire, and Gabby go to the coffee shop. Claire runs into her brother Clinton. Faye goes over to Angus' apartment for quick sex. Emily asks Momo about AI's.


Emily invites people to a party at her parents' house.


Angus checks out Marigold.


Saturday Night. Emily's house party. Gabby, Marten, Faye, Angus, Marigold, Momo, Hanners, Steve, Cosette, Claire, Clinton, Dora, Tai attending. Tai and Dora are late due to hanging out with nudists. Clinton tells Marigold how he got his robot hand. Claire comes out to Marten. Emily cuts off her hair.

Continuity note: Emily's invitation in Number 2288: It's More Of A Stadium specified the party would take place over Saturday night / Sunday morning

2300s[edit | edit source]

July, Week 3
Sun 23282342
Mon 23432355
Tue 23602375 Dora and Tai are "taking
things slow". Marten and
Claire go on a walk. "[Henry
and Maurice's wedding is]
two weeks from now."
July, Week 4
Thu 23762377 +
Claire buys a dress
Fri 23782388
Sat 23892406 Henry and Maurice’s wedding


Sunday. Marigold plays SNES all day. Emily's parents show up and make dinner. Hanners wakes up. Marten tells Momo about how he got set up with Pintsize. Emily, Hanners and Marigold drops by Marten's place to pick up Momo. Momo asks for more closet space.



Sam surprises Dora and Faye at work and suggests an anomalocaris-themed espresso machine. Jim grounds her for a week. Marten, Faye and Dora talk about children.

Same day? Jump?


Dale delivers a pizza to Marigold's house. He flirts with her on the way out. She kills him and desecrates his corpse in WoW that night.

Same day? Jump?


Emily plays with Claire's hair. Marten and Claire go on a walk together and talk about music. Dora and Faye leave Hanners in charge of the shop for an hour. Marten and Claire find her in the midst of an anxiety attack and bail her out. Claire learns about the Marten-Dora-Tai triangle and leaps to conclusions. Marten and Claire discuss their parents respective divorces, and Henry Reed's upcoming wedding. Claire rags on Marten for forgetting about the wedding date. Marten calls Henry and finds out that the wedding is in two weeks. He asks Hanners to drive him there.

Continuity note: Marten's outfit has changed from to Number 2355: Cool Moms Vs. Cool Dads to Number 2361: Hair's To You, so this and the previous two entries probably cover at least two days. In Number 2366: The Great Undoing, Marten states that it is still summer break, and that he's been working at the library for at least two semesters.


23762377 + 2397

Hanners is sick. Claire volunteers to fill in and runs off to buy a dress.



Friday. Claire drives Marten to Vermont. He fills her in on his family and introduces her to Veronica, Henry and Maurice. Claire finds Henry extremely attractive. Veronica and Henry reminisce about their wedding over dinner. Later, Veronica confesses her loneliness. Claire tries to drink scotch, but finds she can't hold her liquor.


Saturday. Claire and Marten dress for the wedding and join Veronica and her friend Jane for brunch. Claire tries scotch again and has better luck with it. Marten sends Tai a photo of himself with Ellen Allien. Marten and Claire collapse in bed, drunk and happy. She falls asleep snuggled up to him.

2400s[edit | edit source]

July, Week 5
Sun 24072411
Mon 24122420 Martin buys an eight-string guitar
Tue 24232438
Wed 2439
Thu 2440
Fri 24412459 Angus contemplates the
Nightly Show’s call for
auditions. Deathmøle
practice with Marten’s new
guitar. Claire hangs out at
Marten’s place.
Sat 24602479 Dale applies for a job
at Coffee of Doom
August, Week 1
Sun 24802489 Dale and Marigold's
disastrous diner date
Mon 2490
Tue 24912504 Dale & May adventures, day 1


Sunday. Steve eats cereal. Marten and Claire wake up (in separate beds). Marten analyzes the cuddling incident with Faye.


Monday(?) Marten gives Tai a recording of Ellen Allien's wedding set. Dale delivers a free pizza to Marigold, as a peace offering. Marten impulse-buys an 8-string guitar.


Tuesday(?) Emily and Claire run into the fairy girl. Clinton gets in Claire's face about the cuddling incident; she tells him to lay off. Emily quizzes clinton about his robot hand. Gordon orders a coffee from Hanners. Clinton embarrasses Claire in front of Marten; she takes an Ativan to calm down. They talk it over and hug it out.



Dora is bummed out over the death of a favorite musician.

Jump? Same day?


Angus tries to sell Faye on moving to New York. ---


The next day. Angus contemplates the Nightly Show call for auditions. Claire shows up at Coffee of Doom looking for Marten. Marten shows off his new 8-string at band practice. Amir thinks they're ready to book a show. Claire points out to Faye that Angus who wants to move to New York. Claire makes a mean remark and Faye puts the Fear in her. Hannelore mentions their band doesn't have a singer. Claire discusses her disinterest in death metal. Faye and Angus talk about a potential long-distance relationship. Pint-size initiates Claire into the group with the Initiation Paddle.

Continuity note: Hanners changes shirts from Number 2443: Computer Or Biological? to 2446


The next day. Marten and Faye talk about the New York situation. Faye works on her welding with Sam. Emily and Momo talk about AI religion. Jim picks Sam up from Coffee of Doom and catches Tai PDAing with Dora. Dale asks Dora for a job at Coffee of Doom. Marigold gives him a flirtatious shove as they cross paths.


Tai tells Marten about the awkward situation with Jim. Claire and Tai contemplate setting Jim up with Veronica, and Marten up with Emily. Momo and Marigold run into Dale, and get an awkward dinner together at a diner.



Emily and Marten talk about beetles.

Jump? Same day?


Dale wakes up with May in his AR glasses. She follows him around to his odd jobs delivering pizza, staffing a convenience store, bagging groceries and washing dishes, peppering him with rude commentary. Later, she confesses that she's in Jail for grand larceny and doing community service as an AI companion as part of an early release deal.

2500s[edit | edit source]

August, Week 1
Wed 25052514 Dale & May adventures, day 2
Thu 25152542 Faye's promotion. Claire
gets her ears pierced.
Fri 25432554 Dale's first day at
Coffee of Doom
August, Week 2
Sun 25552565 Dale and Marigold's
weekend anime date
Mon 25662573
Wed 25742600 Tai submits her dissertation
to Dora


Dale introduces May to Faye. Momo orders a pizza in an attempt to set Dale up with Marigold. Momo and May encourage them to talk it out. They plans to have an anime date on the weekend. Dale and May stargaze together. May leaves the next morning.



Dora promotes Faye to Assistant Manager, to the consternation of Penelope and Cosette. Emily pesters Claire with trivia. Faye suggests hiring Dale to reduce Dora's Number 80: Answer Not Found-hour-a-week workload. Dale bombastically quits his job at the pizza place. Claire asks Marten to go with her to get her ears pierced. Emily gets her ears pierced elsewhere, simultaneously. Claire's is irritated at being copied or shown up, but Emily confesses her straightforward admiration for Claire's style.

Continuity Note: Raven is still on the roster in Number 2527: Putting In Hours, but hasn't been seen on panel since the earliest part of the summer, in Number 1979: Very Mercenary, nor is she mentioned alongside the other employees Number 2477: Oh Hai or Number 2529: High-Level Talks. Claire and Emily's outfits change between Number 2526: Did You Know? and subsequent strips, but Marten and Faye's do not.


The next day. Faye trains Dale in the way of coffee; Hanners co-works with him, Tai climbs him. Everyone has someone to snuggle with but Marten.

Jump. In Number 2545: Colon Uppercase D, Marigold confirms that she and Dale are on for an anime date "this weekend". If there were not a gap between that day and the next, she would have said "tomorrow".


Saturday or Sunday. Dale continues his training. Dale and Marigold's anime date.


The next day. Claire comes out to Emily.


Dora meets one of Tai's exes. Tai authors a dissertation. Dale and Marigold kiss. Marigold alienates Momo by guilting her over the loan toward her new chassis.

2600s[edit | edit source]

August, Week 2
Thu 26012613 Marigold asks Dale out
Sat 26142627 +
Marten hooks up with Delilah
August, Week 3
Sun 26282631 +
Dale and Marigold get frisky
Mon 26522667 Claire is NOT JUDGING Marten.
Marten gets hammered.
Tue 26682689 Angus auditions
Wed 26902705 Veronica’s date with Jim


Dale asks Angus for advice about asking Marigold out. Momo and Margiold make up; she convinces her to find Dale at Coffee of Doom and ask him out. Dora and Faye tease Marten about being single; Tai offers to wing-lady for him at a party that weekend and advises him that "if you think a girl is into you, you're probably right".

Jump. In Number 2613: Not A Funhaver Tai invites Marten to a party "this weekend", not "tomorrow".

26142627 / 26322636

Saturday. Tai introduces Marten to Delilah at the party. They hook up. Marigold overmedicates herself on antihistamines in anticipation of her date with Dale.

26282631 / 26372651

Sunday. Delilah kicks Marten out of bed to go to work. They don't remember each other's names. He goes over to Steve's to decompress. Dale surprises Marigold with breakfast pancakes; they hook up. Marten talks to Faye and Pintsize and concludes that one-night stands don't work for him.

Continuity Note: Faye didn't see Marten in the morning of Number 2640: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, so it must be the same day as 26282631, meaning Number 2632: Wait Just A Minute opens with a flashback to the previous day before catching up with Marten's plot in Number 2637: Breakfast Time.


Monday. Marten tells Claire about his disappointing hookup. She's angry/jealous. Angus, Steve and Jimbo take him out for beers at the Horrible Revelation. Angus asks Marten's advice about his audition in the city the next day. Marigold bequeathes Hanners a USB disk of her sexy man-pictures.

Continuity Note: Marten says he had a "weird weekend" in Number 2653: Bang The Gavel, meaning the previous two days took place over Saturday and Sunday.


Tuesday. Marten is hammered. Angus walks him home in the wee hours. Marten encourages Faye to stay together with Angus if he gets the New York job. Marten searches for meaning in his life while he falls asleep. Angus leaves on a day trip for New York. Faye is depressed at work. Veronica surprises her and Marten at home; she has a date planned with Jim the next day.


Wednesday. Veronica and Jim have a date at the Secret Bakery. They hit it off. He introduces her to Sam, who Faye and Dora are babysitting at Coffee of Doom. Veronica decides to move to Northampton. May surprises Dale and Marigold at home.[1]

2700s[edit | edit source]

August, Week 3
Thu 27182737 Marten "saves" Emily from
a snake. She gives him
a thank-you kiss.
Fri 27382771 Angus gets a callback.
Sven tells Faye he’s in
love with her.
Sat 27722780 Dora resolves to cut Sven
out of her life
August, Week 4
Sun(?) 27812801 Angus leaves for New York.
Claire flirts with Marten.


Thursday (May is still over, in her prison outfit). Veronica signs a lease for an apartment in Northampton. Dale finds May a night shift job at the convenience store where he used to work. Sam, Emily and Marten go go for a walk in the woods. Emily gives Marten a thank-you kiss on the cheek for "saving" her from a snake. Tai advises him that dating an intern is probably not unethical.


Friday (Everyone has changed outfits except for Marten, who is still in the "Godspeed You Black Emperor Shirt" he changed into halfway through the previous day). Angus gets a callback for a TV show in New York. Sven confesses his love for Faye. May has her first day at work, and fangirls Hanners at Coffee of Doom. Hanners tells Marigold she's been neglecting their friendship. Marten angsts at Pintsize and Faye about Emily; Faye angsts at Marten about Sven. Cosette tells Dora about Sven's pass at Faye.

Continuity Note: Angus expected to hear back from his audition in two weeks (Number 2686: Yeah They Were Banging), but he gets called back for a second audition only three days later (Number 2739: Good Things Come).


Saturday (Marten and Faye are hung over from crisis wine). Hanners and Marigold gossip about her sex life. Dora resolves to disown Sven, but not to tell Faye or Tai.

Jump? If so, subsequent strips are almost certainly during the Fall academic semester.


Angus leaves for New York. Claire flirts with Marten at work. Marten thinks out loud with Tai about what he really wants to be doing with his career. Marten, Claire, Hanners, Steve, Dora and Tai take Faye out for drinks to distract her from Angus. Faye ribs Claire about her crush on Marten. The three of them go back to Marten and Faye's place. Marten is openly affectionate with Claire. She's interested, but excuses herself when she realizes that he's drunk.

Continuity Note: Tai states that she graduated from Smif College "a year ago" when Marten asks what happens to him when she graduates in Number 2787: The Graduate.

2800s[edit | edit source]

August, Week 4
Mon(?) 28022820 Marten asks Claire out.
Faye and Angus break up.
Tue(?) 2821–? Marigold thinks about a new housemate.
Marten and Claire make a dinner date.

28022820. May borrows Momo's shower after an incident at work. Marten tells Claire that he wants to give a relationship a shot. They kiss. Angus tells Faye he got the part.

28212848. Marten tells Tai (who tells a lot of others) and Faye. Faye considers what to do about Angus moving away. Marten and Claire run into Veronica.

28492874. Next day. Claire tells Clinton she and Marten are dating. Claire and Marten introduce Clinton to Emily. Faye wants to drink at work and starts drinking that evening. Marigold has a strange dream.

2875{{{2}}}–?. Next day. Faye drinks on the job, and Dora fires her. Claire invites Marten to watch a movie with her, but he calls her to tell her he can't make it when he comes home to find Faye passed out in a pool of vomit.

2882. Faye at the hospital, passing in and out of consciousness.

28832893. Possibly the next day (not enough time for Marten to have cleaned up the vomit). Dora shows up and leaves a message for Faye with Hannelore. Marten and Hannelore take Faye home. Faye pulls out one bottle of alcohol she didn't tell Marten about, but manages to pour it down the drain. Claire comes over, and she and Marten are sexually intimate.

28942911. Next day. Marten and Claire discuss their relationship. Faye hangs out with Hannelore, who teaches her to knit and helps her look for jobs. Faye sees an ad for a young adults' substance abuse support group. Tai and Dora have a fight. Hannelore hangs out with Marigold.

2900s[edit | edit source]

29122942. Next day. Tai tells Marten about her fight with Dora. Tai and Dora make up. Faye picks up her stuff from the shop. Hannelore accompanies Faye to the support group. Marten and Claire come home to find that Faye has superglued a metal phallus to Pintsize's head. Clinton tells Claire and Marten about his date with Emily.

2943. Same day? Marigold and Dale ask Hannelore's advice on takeaway foods.

29442948. Same day? Clair asks Tai for an evaluation of her internship. Veronica arrives and invites him Marten to her new apartment. He tells her about the events with Faye and his new relationship with Claire.

29492950. Later that day. Marten and Claire visit Veronica's new apartment. Sam has left her a snake as a gift.

2951. Same day? Hannelore gives Faye a list of things to do instead of drinking.

29522960. Indeterminate time passage. Momo and May talk about their lives over the course of a day. Momo's daily life is shown.

29612968. Indeterminate time passage. Hannelore wakes up and discovers a bleeding mole, thinks it's cancer. Faye takes her to the hospital, it turns out not to be cancer and is removed. Faye encourages her to stop worrying so much.

2970. Same day? Pintsize surprises Marten with a head shape-changing trick.

29712980. That evening. Faye is proud of herself for helping Hannelore, celebrates with an ill-advised drink. Marten returns and is angry. He cancels a date with Claire, who comes over anyway. Faye opens up to Marten, sympathising with her dad, though she vows not to give up as he did.

29882990. Same evening. Faye and Marten are still talking, now discussing career paths. Faye jokingly suggests working for an underground robot-fighting ring, for which Pintsize happens to know a guy.

29913000. Next Morning? Claire sets Clinton up on a date with Emily, telling Emily there were lots of dogs at the park. They go to the coffee shop for a banana smoothie and bond over shared weirdness.

3000–3999[edit | edit source]

3000s[edit | edit source]

30013009. Same morning. Faye asks Pintsize about the robot-fighting ring. They visit the skate park, meeting Bubbles and Corpse Witch, who offers her a job.

3010. Later that day. Pintsize returns home and Marten doesn't believe him when he tells him where he has been.

30113013. Indeterminate time passage. Hannelore bumps into Sven, who reveals that Dora has cut him out of her life. Hannelore fails to convince Dora to change her mind. Hannelore is wearing a different shirt than in her last appearance, suggesting it may be a different day.

30173019. Faye is shown at work. In Number 3020: Hilarious Title Marten implies that it is a weekend, a week has passed.

30213029. Dora and Tai pronounce their love for each other. Dora talks to Sven. Dora wears the same clothes throughout, suggesting it is the same day.

probably, start of next week

30313034. Faye and Bubbles are at work. Number 3036: Quivering With Anticipation — Dora goes to work. 30373041 Marten and Clair go to the piercing salon. 30423048, Number 3050: Cargo Cult — the gang plays with orbital pizza delivery system. 30513052 — Faye goes home, end of the day.

30533077 Party at Marten and Faye's apartment. Bubbles meets the gang for the first time.

next day

30783082 — the next day morning, implied by Claire's greeting and change of clothes. Claire fills Pintsize with birdseed. Hannelore wakes up after the party, follows her own post-it notes.

30853087 — Faye goes to works, Pintsize struggles with a pigeon.

30883094 — Momo and May discuss Bubbles. Momo goes to the Fighting Ring to talk to Bubbles. Faye's clothes imply it is the same day as Number 3031: But What's THAT Guy's Story?.

3095 — Momo and May meet the same day to discuss Momo's visit to Bubbles.

30963100 — Hannelore's change of clothes implies it's another day.

3100s[edit | edit source]

3101 — Pintsize still struggles with birdseed.

31023105 — Dora and Tai discuss Dora's unreasonable working hours.

another day

31063107 — Dora announces new order in Coffee of Doom, Dora's and Hannerlore's changes of clothes imply its another day.

3111 — Dora still at work, she and Penelope wear the same clothes as in Number 3106: Free Smoothies, it's the same day.

another day

31123116 — Hannerlore, Emily and Dora at work. Clothes changes imply it's another day.

3117 — May installs the fart app.

31183119 — Faye and Bubbles discuss Bubbles' chassis.

another day 3126 — Dora and Emily in Coffee of Doom, change of clothes—another day.

Start of fall

31273134 — Marten and Claire meet Sam and Marigold, who go to the computer store to buy a microphone for Sam's let's play recordings. Characters start wearing warmer clothing, implying that the summer has ended.

3136 — several days pass, maybe over a month, probably somewhere between summer and fall. A montage of Faye's days at work, including a payday. Faye changes her hairstyle.

3137, Number 3138: I'll Finish This Tomorrow — Hanners and Marigold discuss Sam and Dale and Hannerlore's issues with physical contact.

31393151 — Faye goes to Coffee of Doom for the first time after Dora fired her. Bubbles tries tea and discovers the Unicorn Grove.

3152, 3153 — Claire discusses grading exams with Marten, implying it is the end of semester.

3154 Dora says it is still the same day as Number 3139: Revisitations, discusses Faye's visit with Tai.

31553159Veronica Reed, Jim Bean, and Jim's daughter Sam discuss their new living arrangements. In Number 3158: He's A Jerk I Guess Faye implies it is still the same day as Number 3139: Revisitations.

3160 — Bubbles discusses her visit to the coffee-shop with Corpse Witch.

31613165 — Sam and Momo discuss human—AI relations and kissing boys. Marten's mother bakes cookies. Sam's change of clothes means another day has passed.

next day

3166, 3167 — night and the following morning are shown, the next day.

31683178May damages her myomer on her face, goes to the Fighting Ring to get help from Bubbles and Faye.

31793181 — Faye and Bubbles visit Coffee of Doom after work. With Hanner's tea, Bubbles discovers Pegasus Cove. Emily gives Bubbles a present—a collapsible cardigan.

3182, 3183 — Hannelore meets her nemesis for the second time. Hanners, Emily, Dora wear the same clothes as in Number 3180: They're On Speed Dial Now, the same day.

3184, 3185 — Marten, Claire, and Pintsize discuss body image issues.

next day

31863190 — Dora shows Hannelore how to roast coffee beans. Number 3188: Words Upon Words — Claire with Pintsize discusses his pranks. Claire refers to "last night", a day has passed. In 31913198 Bubbles thanks Emily for the gift, is insulted by a teenager on the street, returns to work, and is consoled by Faye.

3199 — Claire is still grading exams, the end of semester.

3200s[edit | edit source]

32003204 — Sam talks with Dora, calls Faye, and discusses the call with Veronica.

3205 — Faye returns home after work, end of the day.

32063209 — Claire tries to set up Clinton with Emily. 32103218 — Clinton goes to The Nasty Whale, first appearance of Brun. 32193225 — fire at the bar, Clinton helps Brun.

next day

32263235 — Claire reconciles with Clinton. Clinton visits Brun the next morning after the fire. In Number 3236: We've All Been Thinking It and Number 3237: Heisenberg's Attractiveness Principle Clinton visits Coffee of Doom.

32383242 — Faye and Bubbles discuss creation of robots at work. In Number 3246: Clockwise Or Counter-Clockwise they decide to go to the coffee shop, it's still the same day.

32433245­ — Brun comes to Renee's home.

32473252 — Faye and Bubbles come to Coffee of Doom. Introduction of Bubbles' chair. Faye argues with Dora about changes in the coffee-shop. Bubbles tries Japanese tea. 32533259 — Faye and Bubbles go to liquor store, Bubbles convinces Faye not to start drinking again.

next day

32603264 — Brun and Renee discuss Brun's options.

32743279 — Faye wakes up after sleeping all day, discusses yesterday's events with Marten, goes back to work, hugs Bubbles.

next day

32803282, 32863289 — Brun wakes up in Renee's home. Brun starts working at The Secret Bakery. Elliot meets Brun for the first time.

32903298 — Claire, Marten, and Clinton discuss Brun. Brun and Clinton meet on the street.

3299 — May and Momo discuss sex life of Dale and Marigold.

3300s[edit | edit source]

33003315 — Brun looks for work. Momo and May discuss sex. Dora, Clinton, and Claire are at COD when Emily comes in. The AI police offficer (Officer Basilisk) buys Faye pie. Hannelore visits Marten and Faye. Corpse Witch threatens Bubbles.

next day

3316, 3317 — The next morning. Faye and Bubbles discuss the officer.

33183324, 3326 — At The Secret Bakery, Brun files for unemployment. Elliott picks up coffee beans from COD. Brun and Elliott discuss his job as a bouncer.

3325, 3327, 3329 — Hannelore sees a reindeer led by Fairy Girl, who later angrily returns a trampled Pintsize to Marten.

3328 — Tai visits Dora at COD.

33303341 — Bubbles traps Officer Basilisk in a trash can, and she and Faye fix Pintsize. Claire, Bubbles, and Faye discuss bodies.

next day

32423349 — Brun and Elliott visit The Horrible Revelation, but don't succeed in getting her a job. At TSB, Hannelore and Brun discuss clocks.

3350, 3351, 3358 — Pintsize pays May to sit on his face.

33513357 — Emily and Dora drink at work and get scolded by Hannelore. Dora and Tai hang out at Dora's(?) apartment.


33603380 — May visits Faye's workplace to pay to have her face done in the right color. Corpse Witch fends off Officer Basilisk by lying about the fighting ring. May freaks out, and Corpse Witch threatens her, leading Faye to punch Corpse Witch and leave, disappointed that Bubbles does not follow. Following her own confrontation with Corpse Witch, Bubbles follows Jeremy's advice to go to Faye for help.

33813385Bembo comics!

33863399 — Faye asks Hannelore for Station's help in breaking the encryption Corpse Witch placed on Bubbles' memories. Station can't help but Spookybot shows up and tries, asking for Emily's help. Emily destroys a monster inside Bubbles' brain.

3400s[edit | edit source]

34003414 — Emily and Spookybot discover that Bubbles' memories are gone forever. Bubbles confronts Corpse Witch, then moves in with Faye (and Marten and Claire and Pintsize). Spookybot confronts Corpse Witch, then spends a day interfering benevolently in pretty much everything, including getting Corpse Witch arrested and deeding the building where the robot fighting ring took place to Jeremy.

next day

34153421 — Officer Basilisk tells Faye and Bubbles the case is closed. Faye and Bubbles debrief with Station. Bubbles thanks Spookybot. Jeremy hires Bubbles to add a few more limbs onto his chassis.

34223436 — In the bakery, Brun torments all who will listen with terrible dog jokes. Marten updates Claire. Dale and Marigold watch terrible anime. Steve catches up with an old associate. Hannelore shows Brun the roaster, and gives her an old clock which turns out to be a valuable collectible. Work begins on Jeremy's chassis and romance blooms between Jeremy and Seven. Brun helps Renee realize she may have a crush on Elliot.

next day

34373432 — At the bakery, Renee explores her feelings for Elliot.

3500s[edit | edit source]

3600s[edit | edit source]

3700s[edit | edit source]

3800s[edit | edit source]

3900s[edit | edit source]

39003926Roko's body crushing incident. Another appearance of Spookybot.

39273933Emily Azuma brings a Coffee of Doom uniform of her own design.

39333946Brun moves in with Renee.

39473958 — Roko struggles with her new body. Melon's cutting incident. Renee and Brun looking for a new apartment.

39593969 — start of Roko's apprenticeship in The Secret Bakery.

39703977 — day of Claire's exam.

4000–4999[edit | edit source]

4000s[edit | edit source]

40474058Hannelore's return from her voyage.

4100s[edit | edit source]


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