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Them is a group of three women who mostly appear together as a sort of Greek chorus. The tall stylish black woman is named Yemisi and has been employed by Yay as a personal shopper.[1] The short white human with glasses is Willow Dragonfang and the AI is named Iris.[2] They were roommates in college,[3] and they live together currently.[4]

They appear together several times. First, when Dale was wearing Emily's prototype Coffee of Doom uniform,[5] then twice while Elliot has been having a moment with first Brun,[6] then Clinton.[7] Willow,[8][9] Yemisi,[1] and Iris[10] have each gone on to appear by themselves.

Willow and Iris work at a lunch place that serves tacos and burritos.[11] Iris "[doesn't] even like men",[5] and she has also been seen getting a spray of a crossed out heart,[12] but there has been no information about the sexuality of the other two. Jeph refers to them as Them in both the strip title of one of their appearances,[7] and the comment below that strip.