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The Secret Bakery is a bakery and coffee shop in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is located somewhat off the beaten path, away from the downtown area of the city.[1]


The bakery is owned by Jim and (until recently) run by Padma, a lady of apparently Indian/Indonesian descent. She knows Angus from the times when he was dating one of her employees, Renee.

The shop has at least one other employee—Elliot[2]—a large, burly-armed but sensitive brown-haired gentleman.[3]

They are generalists, making everything from pastries to wedding cakes.[4] Jim has brokered a deal to supply baked goods to Coffee of Doom in exchange for coffee beans made with Dora's secret process.[5]


The Bakery is located in a nondescript white-brick building[6] with the following sign on the front:

The Secret Bakery

Discreet Baked
Goods & Coffee

Tue-Fri 6 AM - 8 PM
Sat-Sun 8 AM - 8 PM

Closed Mondays


After Dora Bianchi breaks up with Marten Reed,[7] he avoids going ot Coffee of Doom for awhile.[8] During this time, he goes to The Secret Bakery with Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham.[9]

Angus McPhee introduces Faye Whitaker to Padma when they meet her on the street by accident. Before Angus started going to the Coffee of Doom coffeeshop to court Faye, he was going to The Secret Bakery to flirt with Renee.[10]

Steve and Marten bump into Padma, Renee, and Elliot in a bar.[11] After Cosette Hurlbut finds out that Steve was flirting with Padma, they go to the Bakery to confront Padma.[12]

Faye Whitaker and Hannelore check out the pastry in The Secret Bakery, and Faye with Padma come up with a deal to exchange pastry from the Bakery for coffee from Coffee of Doom.[13] Then Jim and Dora make the deal official.[14] Unfortunately, Dora forgets to prepare the roast for The Secret Bakery when Eliott and Jim bring the first delivery of the baked goods to the coffeeshop. To hold up her end of the deal, she gives up the day's roast for Coffee of Doom.[15]


Secret Bakery menu[]

As seen in Number 1845: Everywhere Is The Same

  • espresso ~1.5
  • latte ~3
  • mocha ~4
  • americano ~2.5
  • macchiato ~4
  • iced? Sure!


  • Cheeky batterers
  • Tacky beers there
  • Kerb etcher yeast