The Secret Bakery is a bakery and coffee shop in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is located somewhat off the beaten path, away from the downtown area of the city.[1]

The bakery is owned by Jim and (until recently) run by Padma, a lady of apparently Indian/Indonesian descent. She knows Angus from the times when he was dating one of her employees, Renee.

The shop has at least one other employee—Elliot[2]—a large, burly-armed but sensitive brown-haired gentleman.[3]

They are generalists, making everything from pastries to wedding cakes.[4] Jim has brokered a deal to supply baked goods to Coffee of Doom in exchange for coffee beans made with Dora's secret process.[5]

The Bakery is located in a nondescript white-brick building[6] with the following sign on the front:

The Secret Bakery

Discreet Baked
Goods & Coffee

Tue-Fri 6 AM - 8 PM
Sat-Sun 8 AM - 8 PM

Closed Mondays


Secret Bakery menuEdit

As seen in Number 1845: Everywhere Is The Same

  • espresso ~1.5
  • latte ~3
  • mocha ~4
  • americano ~2.5
  • macchiato ~4
  • iced? Sure!


  • Cheeky batterers
  • Tacky beers there
  • Kerb etcher yeast


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