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The Horrible Revelation is a bar in Northampton. It is frequented by the characters of Questionable Content. Faye considers it the best beer bar in town.[1] The windows are one-way glass, providing privacy to the patrons while allowing them to see people on the outside.[2] Its most unusual feature is renting antique clothing to guests.[3]

It is based on a real-life bar in Northampton called The Dirty Truth[4] which Jeph Jacques frequents.

Wil works there as a bartender. He mentions that Elliot is a bouncer there as well.[5] Brun also works at the bar.

A lot of different fancy beers are served in Horrible Revelation:[6]

  • Super Laser IPA
  • Hop Kaiju
  • Summer Ale-ien
  • Cap Cod Cranberry IPA
  • Granpa's Feet
  • Doc Brown's Brown
  • "The Flavor Saver"
  • Saison du Sexy
  • Apfelwerfer Cider