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Template Hooks to Notes
Template:DYK/1 Weapons in Questionable Content, Tilly Birch, John Ellicott-Chatham, AnthroPC, Corpse Witch
Template:DYK/2 Andy, Sweet-Tits, List of black and white comics, Lemon Includes an image of Lemon.
Template:DYK/3 Jeph Jacques#Cameos, Sara, Natasha, Steve
Template:DYK/4 Wil, Barman, The Horrible Revelation, Coffee of Doom, Vicky, List of redrawn comics Includes an image of Vicky.
Template:DYK/5 Number Seven, Francis York, Marigold Farmer, Fairy
Template:DYK/6 Momo, Invisible Ship, List of animated comics, Brunhilde Khoury Includes an image of Brun.
Template:DYK/7 Butts disease, Millefeuille, List of alternate versions, May
Template:DYK/8 Emily Azuma, Bubbles, List of description comics, List of locations in Northampton Includes an image of Bubbles.
Template:DYK/9 N/A Use red link in the first column to create the next factoid list
Template:DYK/10 N/A
Template:DYK/Holidays List of one panel comics, Northampton, Yelling Bird holiday season edition of "Did you know".
Template:DYK/April fools Sven, Marten Reed, Steve April Fools' Day edition of "Did you know".
Template:DYK/Jeph Sweet-Tits, Jeph Jacques, List of birthday comics, Butts disease Special edition for time around Jeph's birthday, June 17th.
Template:DYK/draft Drafts of DYK hooks. Not part of the rotation.
N/A Need a hook