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I am eternal
— Randy in Number 1815: Details On How To Get Iceman On Your License Plate
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I don't care about the semantics. I'm ALIVE, dammit, and it's WONDERFUL! I could just SING about it.
— Charlotte in Number 1999: It's Been A Recurring Problem

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Love is a complex sequence of neurochemical reactions that makes people behave like idiots.
— Meena in Number 1039: Love Is...

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As far as pathogens go, friendship is pretty okay.
— Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham in Number 1145: Typhoid Marten

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I will truly experience this land we live in! Bask in nature's glory among the redwoods in Washington! Scour my soul clean in the austere beauty of the desert Southwest! Do... something in Ohio!
— Wil in Number 1310: On The Road

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I demand a tumbler full of gin and a fainting couch!
— Faye in Number 1471: Gettin' Darcified

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When the singularity hits I will BECOME PORN.
— Pintsize in Number 1586: Just Your Average Everyday

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May we be able to look back on our lives when we're old and say "meh, good enough, I guess."
— Angus in Number 1734: To Mediocrity

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I am eternal
— Randy in Number 1815: Details On How To Get Iceman On Your License Plate

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I would also name it Arthur.
— Bubbles in Number 3435: Never Do Anything Halfway

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Reading is a frivolity. If I am feeling particularly boisterous I may permit myself a glance at the sky. Once a year I allow myself to wink.
— Bubbles in Number 3031: But What's THAT Guy's Story?

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If horniness isn't an emotion, I've got more to learn than I thought.
— Sven in Number 2192: Biological Response

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Baking is wonderful. It's like science for hungry people.
— Hannelore in Number 1679: Sweet Science

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My name is Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham. I end messes.
— Hannelore in Number 1416: Come With Me If You Want To Live

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We do not kinkshame in this kitchen.
— Elliot in 3961: Rising Action

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— Samantha Bean in Number 3200: A Grim Harvest Is Upon Us

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Stop talking and let me be happy for you.
— Marten in Number 2707: Blah Blah

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My depths aren't hidden! I'm weird all the way down! You just can't handle it!"
— Emily Azuma in Number 2999: Beyonce Moment

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You ought to expect better of people. It encourages you to be a better person yourself.
— Elliot in Number 2081: Great Expectations

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