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Use Template:QC/sandbox for testing. Compare results at Template:QC/testcases.


This template is used to link to comics directly, both in text and in references.


To put the comic link as reference, wrap this template in <ref></ref>, like this:

Some text<ref>{{QC|515}}</ref>

Which would render as:

Some text[1]

The reference will then appear in "References" section, like this:

Comic titles

Template adds comic title to the link automatically (except when flag custom is specified, see below). The dataset is located at Module:QC/titles. Use comic's archive to add new titles of comics into the dataset. For an automatic way to generate Module:QC/titles, see Module talk:QC/titles.


{{QC|comic number|link text|custom flag}}

Comic number. Mandatory argument.
Custom link text. Optional. When specified, replaces automatically generated title from Module:QC/titles.
Custom flag. Optional. The only supported value is the word custom. When specified, switches template from "view comic" mode to custom link mode. Can be used to link to archive.php, cast.php, etc. And even to images, like images/1328hellokitty.png.


Markup Renders as
{{QC|1}} Number 1: Employment Sucks
{{QC|1|Number One: Employment Sucks}} Number One: Employment Sucks
{{QC|2580|Number 2580: Guessing Game}} Number 2580: Guessing Game
{{QC|3650|3650: Guess Who's Back, Back Again}}. 3650: Guess Who's Back, Back Again.
{{QC|about.php||custom}} about.php
{{QC|about.php|About|custom}} About
Melon wonders around<ref>{{QC|3692|She really gets around}}</ref> Melon wonders around[1]


{{QC||Latest strip|custom}} Latest strip

Comic range examples

Markup Renders as
Only digits with an en-dash
{{QC/range|1|1000}} 11000
{{QC/range|2543|2561}} 25432561
Full titles with an em-dash
{{QC/range2|1|1000}} Number 1: Employment SucksNumber 1000: Gratuitous Nudity!
{{QC/range2|2543|2561}} Number 2543: A Slow StartNumber 2561: Bathing Habits


See also


Use Template:QC/sandbox and Module:QC/sandbox for testing. Compare results at Template:QC/testcases.

Template diffModule diff


Creates link to a strip on the QC website.

Template parameters

Comic number1

The comic number (?comic=... in the URL)

Customized text.2

Replace automagically added text of the link. You probably want to keep this empty.


Whether or not this is a very special custom link the QC site. You probably want to keep this empty.


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