Tai Hubbert is in charge of the Smif College Williston Library and boss of Marten and Momo. She is a monogamous[3] lesbian and a fan of Jimbo's books.


Background Edit

Besides her job at the library she is TA for a creative writing class.[4] She is also an amateur DJ,[5] working under the name Tai-Fighter.[6]

Tai has a liberal arts degree.[7]. She lives in residence, and has a roommate named Bri.[8]

1–999 Edit

1000s Edit

Tai has had a complicated and dynamic pattern of relationships. Originally not into polyamory,[7] she has since experimented with it[9] but now questions whether it's right for her.[10]

She also foreshadows Dora and Marten's split.[11]

2000s Edit

Tai has confessed to Dora after celebration of Coffee of Doom successful month.[12] Later, they begun dating.[13] Their first kiss is shown in Number 2246: Tai Goes Hard.

3000s Edit

Tai consoled distressed Bubbles when Faye went off to talk to Marten about her relationship with Bubbles.[14]

After Dora explained that she would uproot her business to move with her, Tai proposed to Dora.[15] Marten left not long after to be with Claire, who was stressing out over her librarian test, and wasn't sure whether or not Dora said yes. It was confirmed she did say yes, and now Tai and Dora are engaged.[16]


Tai is outgoing and a good-natured boss.[17][18] She is sexually active but before dating Dora began questioning her lifestyle.[19] While generally at ease in social situations (particularly when compared with Hannelore or Marigold), she freezes up when around someone she really likes.[20]

She enjoys body modification, having multiple tattoos and a clitoral hood piercing.[21] Tai's "Pow!" tattoo is a reminder that she's tough.[22]

Sex and drugs and rock&rollEdit


Tai is exclusively lesbian. Tai identifies as female, but she was earlier passing as a boy and she used to bind her chest.[23][24] She has previously expressed a sexual interest in Hannelore,[25][26] though it's unclear how serious she was.

She is known to have had sex on the photocopier at the Williston Library at Smif College.[27]


At work, Tai has used marijuana[28] and LSD, which makes her "see dragons".[29] She has tranquilizers at home.[30] She also drinks alcohol socially, and attributes her low tolerance to her small frame.[31]

Music preferencesEdit

Tai has shown some interest in dubstep[32] and is mainly into "weird European electronic stuff".[33] She appears to have a poster of the French electronic music artist Vitalic in her dorm room,[34] and a T-shirt of the German techno record label BPitch Control.[35] At one point she played Gabriel Ananda's Stream of Consciousness through the library PA system.[36] She is a huge fan of German electronic musician Ellen Allien.[37][38]


Tai is into acting out scenes from Harry Potter books in public in costume.[39] She is fond of Adventure Time and loves to dance.

During her relationship with Dora, Tai started doing rock-climbing.[40][41]

Trivia Edit

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "Oh come on, it's bad enough knowing my liberal arts degree is gonna be useless. Don't crush ALL my hopes."[7]
  • "Omigod Jimbo is SO amazing. He's like..he's like a modern-day Hemingway! Or Faulkner! Except his books are terrible."[42]
  • "It was a rhetorical penis!"[43]
  • "A life of recreational drug use, casual sex, and occasional studying gets boring after a while, you know."[19]
  • "Want me to take off my pants and see if it does anything for you, just in case?"[44]
  • "Seriously. Forget girls, I'm an audiosexual now."[45]
  • "I started some slashfic that explores each possibility. Got a laptop handy?"[46]
  • "HELL yes. My pussy RULES"[47]



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