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Smif College is the name of the (fictional) all-girls university located in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is based (loosely) on the real Smith College.

The first use of the term "Smif" was in Strip #480 when Ellen is seen wearing a SMIF COLLEGE tank-top. The name of the school is seen on T-shirts from then on.

Currently, Marten works at the Williston Library with Tai. The real-life equivalent of Williston is the Neilson Library. The strip where Marten applies to work there appears to be the only time when the school is referred to as "SMITH" and not "SMIF".[1]

The library is one of only four buildings on campus that we have seen in the strip; the others are Tai's dorm room, Cosette's dorm building, and the gymnasium.

The library's collection of Victorian pornography seems to be remarkable, even by the standards of an AnthroPC with 97 TB of storage.[2]

Smif accepts trans women as students as of Claire's introduction in 2012. Smif's real-world counterpart, Smith College, on the other hand, did not begin accepting trans women until May 2015.[3]


Several of the cast members attend Smif College, or attended the school at one time:

  • Ellen (Steve's young ex-girlfriend)
  • Natasha (Ellen's roommate)
  • Cosette Hurlbut
  • Luna (Cosette's friend)
  • Tai (graduate student)
  • Ashley (friend of Tai)
  • Bailey (friend/love interest of Tai)
  • Serena (friend of Tai)
  • Lydia (Sven's intern)
  • Emily (library intern)
  • Claire (library intern)
  • Gabby (former library intern)