Shame Orb is a metallic, spinning orb that floats in the air and lives to yell embarrassing things about other people.

It apparently knows something about Yelling Bird and something that happened on June 14, 1987.

Shame Orb apparently pukes a weird green substance when drunk. It eats shame and poops microwave burritos.[1]

The creation of the Shame Orb came from a conversation between Jeph Jacques and Randy Milholland.[2]

In Number 2197: Most Impressive Indeed the Shame Orb has "turned over a new leaf" and has become the Pride Orb. It reveals that Yelling Bird holds the world record for the longest sustained bout of cursing and has mastered all known human profanities as well of those of dolphins and bees. It also reveals that Sweet Tits defiled a 747 bathroom so badly that the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in international waters and she is now forbidden from leaving the country.



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