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Sara McKinney is a former employee at Coffee of Doom. She had a brief crush on Marten[1] and a short relationship with Steve,[2] before contracting a mysterious illness which forced her to call out from work one morning.[3] Despite passing mentions,[4][5] she was never seen again. According to the old version of the Questionable Content cast page: "Former employee at Coffee of Doom. Eaten by an allosaurus. RIP." Since then, Sara has been moved to a separate section "Deprecated characters".[6]

Jeph Jacques has confirmed that she has been written out permanently.[7]

However, on May 30, 2015, Jeph Jacques posted a bonus comic to Patreon in which Sara is still alive, as it turns out that only her leg was eaten, and the allosaurus, named Mr. Snuggles, is actually her pet.

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

Sara was heterosexual. Her tastes in drugs and music were never discussed.


Sara had a very brief relationship with Steve, although they split, due to Steve likening her in the bedroom to "how Cubist paintings are all weird, with the awkward angles and awkward juxtaposition."[8] This is said after she disappears, although Steve does not mention her disappearance.

Sara's Gallery[]