Samantha Bean[1] is the 14-year-old[2] daughter of Secret Bakery owner Jim. Jim describes her as highly creative and a bit tomboyish.[3]

Biography Edit

2000s Edit

Samantha attends PVPA (Pioneer Valley Performing Arts) school. She appears to be a big fan of Pokémon[4] and finds Anthro-PCs interesting.[5]

Padma took Sam and Momo on a hiking trip to look for snakes.[6] Sam has started a friendship with Momo[7], and may be starting a "big sister" relationship with Faye.[8]

Initially, Sam was very shy of Veronica.[9] She also gave Marten a frog as a "friendship offering".[10]

3000s Edit

Sam is currently taking swordfighting lessons.[11]

4000s Edit

Sam visited Faye and Bubbles when they opened their repair shop. She cut her hair so that it doesn't interfere with her sword practice. Sam painted Skullmaster logo over the cover which Punchbot had to wear while waiting for parts to arrive for his repairs. This lead to another spray customer, who payed Sam 17 dollars.[12]

Sam started doing robot sprays as a small business.[13] She uses Union Robotics as base of operations.[14]

Sam cut her finger with a die grinder, when Fay tried to teach Sam how to use power tools.[15] Sam's father Jim decided to allow Sam access to Union Robotics for positive influence of Bubbles, but with strict restriction that power tools are off limits.[16]

She got an internship in Union Robotics as a summer job.[17]

Her father has prohibited her from working at his bakery, because Sam was apparently responsible for an event called the "chaos loaf incident".[18]

Personality Edit

Her music preferences include Daft Punk.[19]

Sam wants to become a biologist because she enjoys nature so much. She likes to go on hikes, during which she looks for and captures snakes, which always get named "Bitey."[20] Her fondness for snakes does not extend to spiders.[21]

According to Faye, she needs to shower more often.[22] Veronica Reed supports this idea.

Her favorite video games are such in which "you explore and build stuff."[23] She has expressed interest in doing Let's Plays.[24]

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "All hail Froglord, king of the amphibians"[7]

Trivia Edit

Sprays Edit

Sick Spray

Punk Robot's "Heck" skull spray

Sam has drawn several sprays, which turned into a small business on Union Robotics premises:


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