Roomba is Hannelore's robotic vacuum cleaner and first appeared in strip 695. It is exceptionally protective of Hanners, to the extent that it threatened Marten with a knife and referred to her as "his woman" much to Winslow's chagrin.

Roomba is often used by Pintsize to enact various pranks and hijinks, which Winslow is often dragged in to. These stunts include using it as a chariot, (it purposefully fell down the stairs),[1] duct-taping a Japanese Shinai sword to it so Pintsize could spar with it (Roomba won),[2] and trying to do tricks by having it jump off a ramp.[3] The previous stunt ended when the Anthro-PC's attached a small jet engine to it which sent it flying out of the window.[4]

Despite being thought lost, Roomba was returned to Hannelore after traveling to a nearby production center and attempting to hump other Roombas in an attempt to procreate.[5] Although essentially impossible, it returned with another Roomba and several offspring who themselves have jet engines attached.[6] Hannelore is letting the manufacturer take them back for study.[7] Apparently this is not a full time thing, as Roomba is still seen around the house occasionally.[8]


  • "DOO DEE DEE DOO DOO" ("Quit flirtin' with my woman")[9]


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