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Roomba is Hannelore's robotic vacuum cleaner. Winslow regards it as a pet, and named it "Spot".[1] It is exceptionally protective of Hanners, to the extent that it threatened Marten with a knife and referred to her as "his woman" much to Winslow's chagrin.[2]

Roomba is often used by Pintsize to enact various pranks and hijinks, which Winslow is often dragged in to. These stunts include using it as a chariot, (it purposefully fell down the stairs),[3] duct-taping a Japanese Shinai sword to it so Pintsize could spar with it (Roomba won),[4] and trying to do tricks by having it jump off a ramp.[5] The previous stunt ended when the Anthro-PC's attached a small jet engine to it which sent it flying out of the window.[6]

Despite being thought lost, Roomba was returned to Hannelore after traveling to a nearby production center and attempting to hump other Roombas in an attempt to procreate.[7] Although essentially impossible, it returned with another Roomba and several offspring who themselves have jet engines attached.[8] Hannelore is letting the manufacturer take them back for study.[9] Apparently this is not a full time thing, as Roomba is still seen around the house occasionally.[10]


  • "DOO DEE DEE DOO DOO" ("Quit flirtin' with my woman")[2]