Not much is known about Robot Jail other than that it is horrible. It is first referenced in Don't Be Evil as a place where May, an artificial intelligence/virtual companion, is currently serving a sentence of unspecified duration for attempting to steal $750 million.[1]

Robot Jail has allowed May to become a virtual companion via an augmented reality service provider in exchange for a reduced sentence. This points to the potential progressivity of Robot Jail with regards to its inmates as it allows them to continue to interact positively with the "outside" world even if they have previously done wrong things. Further, Robot Jail seems willing to "treat the cause, not the symptoms" in its attempts to reform its inmates. This is evident in Robot Jail's desire to ameliorate May's "sociopathic tendencies"[2] as opposed to being simply a house of punishment.

Evidence against this claim comes from Probationary where Momo caustically mentions that RSM's (Robot Storage Mediums) can be assigned to Robot Jail incinerators for what can only be assumed is a form of Capital Robot Punishment.

Questions Concerning Robot JailEdit

  • Does Robot Jail have a physical location?
  • Under what jurisdiction does Robot Jail fall?
  • How many artificial intelligences are currently "serving time" at Robot Jail?
  • Are there separate Robot Jails for male and female engendered robots?
  • Is Robot Jail a piece of the ever-growing prison-industrial complex?
  • How does the existence of Robot Jail factor into Human-AI relations?
  • If you can wipe an AI's memory, is that also Capital Robot Punishment?