The Robot-Fighting Ring was an illegal fight-club for AnthroPCs where Faye and Bubbles worked. It was operated by Corpse Witch and was disguised as an indoor skate park. It was shut down by Spookybot in Number 3414: Tying Up Loose Ends.

Fighters Edit

To avoid damage to the AI's, all fighters use triple-reinforced AI drives[2]. However, their chassis take significant damage, and Faye and Bubbles worked to repair them between fights.

All fighters worked there voluntarily. Nobody fought to pay off debts or as an indentured servant.[2] Some of the fighters fight in the Ring, because there aren't many options left for them.[3]

The list of fighters includes:[4]

Investigation Edit

The underground fights and betting were investigated by Roko Basilisk.

People InvolvedEdit


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