Renee is an employee of the Secret Bakery, a bakery and coffee shop located in Northampton, Massachusetts. She is ethnically African-American[1] and bisexual[2].

Biography Edit

Renee apparently met Angus at a party, where the two of them started to date. Angus routinely came in to the Secret Bakery to flirt with her—somewhat akin to what he did with Faye.[3] They have since split up, to the joy of Angus's roommates.[4]

Renee was apparently not a fan of Coffee of Doom due to "something about a snail in a latte".[4] Faye suspects that it must have been Dora who did it, since she couldn't recall doing anything like that.

She is a good friend of Brun, who stayed with her after the destruction of her apartment.

Renee fed day-old croissants to Brun.[5] She also advised her to take the bar-back job at The Horrible Revelation.[6]

Renee almost told Claire Augustus the secret about Elliot's crush on Clinton Augustus.[7]

Appearance Edit

Renee is a short, curvy girl with thick glasses, which makes her very similar to Faye. Padma has remarked on some resemblance in temperament as well.[3]


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