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  • Make sure you use correct license template to mark the uploaded file. Use the dropdown in the upload wizard. For images from QC, it is always "Fair use". Jeph does not license images from comic under any license.
  • Categorize images into one of subcategories of Category:Images.
  • When uploading images from Questionable Content:
    • Crop to only include the part necessary to illustrate an article.
    • Use same file format, as on the site. Most images are PNG. GIF and JPG files exist, but are rare.
    • Use {{QC image}} to describe the files. You can also use template "QC image page" from dropdown, which just under button "Publish".
    • For fair use reasons, reduce the image resolution. See similar guideline on Wikipedia.
  • If you want a fancy description, use {{File information}}.
  • All uploaded fair use images must be used at least in one article. Unused fair use files will be deleted.

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