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Peter Bianchi is Dora and Sven's father. He is married to their mother, Elssa and has a brother named Joseph, whom Sven resembles.[1]



Peter Bianchi is the loving father of Sven and Dora and has been happily married to his wife Elssa for at least 27 years. He is exceptionally outgoing and has done many things throughout his life, in his youth or otherwise. These include climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and slapping then President Ronald Reagan's wife on the ass, of which he has photographic evidence.[2]

He and his wife have been marijuana users since their teenage years.

He and Elssa have lived in Florida for a couple of years but raised their children in Northampton.[3]

He revealed to Marten that he is a fan of the various works of Veronica Vance (who is, of course, Marten's mother).[4]

Sven believes Peter Bianchi's mother actually killed a man once.[5]


Peter Bianchi is a freelance photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic.[4] He had previously worked at a company and was glad to have gone freelance as Dora had told his boss that he had sworn about him on a number of occasions and didn't expect to gain a good reference.[6]


He is outgoing, confident,[7] and adventurous.[2] He is willing to flout social convention.[8]

Other characteristics[]

He is an enthusiastic marijuana user.[9] He has a habit of greeting people by pinching their love handles.[10] He gets along well with Marten.