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Padma was an employee of the Secret Bakery of Northampton. She first appeared in strip Number 1845: Everywhere Is The Same.

We finally discover her name in Number 1857: An Auspicious Meeting, when she goes into Alpha Barista Defense mode against Faye. She apparently knows Angus from when he was dating Renee, one of the other workers at the Secret Bakery.

After her first appearance, Padma was informally referred to as "pseuDora", because of her being the "alternate-universe" version of Dora. Her last name has not yet been revealed, as she has only appeared in a handful of strips. She is ethnically Indian-American.[1]

She considers her coworker Renee to be a lot like Faye.[2]



Padma comes from Los Angeles, where her family still lives. She has moved back there to be with them and to take care of her grandmother.[3]

She is ethnically Indian-American.[1]

She had some "tact issues" with her mother at brother's wedding.[4]

Other characteristics[]

Padma does not drink coffee.[5]

She enjoys hiking.[6]

She is frequently clueless, especially in social situations.[7][8] She is somewhat aware of this: "I always just REACT to things, you know? I'm not very good at considering my response first."[4]

Padma has panties with "DAAAAAANG" printed on them.[9][10]


Padma and Marten became rather close in the days before she left for California.[11][12] Padma seemed regretful at the timing of their relationship,[13][14] which may or may not have contributed to their eventual breakup.[15]

She has since moved back to California.[16] Marten has e-mailed her[17] and come to some closure to their relationship.[18]