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Northampton is a town in Massachusetts, United States. It is the main location of events in Questionable Content.


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Coffee of Doom
A coffee shop, owned by Dora Bianchi. Dale, Emily Azuma, Penelope Gaines, and Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham work as baristas there. Former employees include Sara McKinney, Faye Whitaker, and Raven Pritchard.
Irony Cafe
Smif College
Workplace of Marten Reed and Tai Hubbert. Claire Augustus, Gabby, and Emily Azuma study in the college.
The Secret Bakery
A coffee shop owned by Jim Bean. Elliot and Renee work there. Padma used to work there before moving to California.
The Horrible Revelation
A local bar known for their costume rental service. Wil works there as a bartender and Elliot as a bouncer.
Store, where Marigold Farmer buys new chassis for her companion Momo
Robot-Fighting Ring
A formerly illegal robot fighting ring.
The Nasty Whale
Nautically themed bar, which burned down. Previous workplace of Brunhilde Khoury.
Union Robotics
Robot repair shop operated by Faye Whitaker and Bubbles.