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Natasha is the roommate of Ellen, the former girlfriend of Amir and also the former keyboardist and later guitarist of Deathmøle. She attended Smif College with Ellen, where her mother is a member of the board of trustees.[1]

Jeph Jacques has stated that Natasha has been written out permanently.[2] Nat was one of the seven characters in the nine strips Jeph had to "redraw" for Questionable Content Volume 1.


Natasha had actually met Amir at a heavy metal gig by kicking him in the face in the moshpit which led to him losing a tooth. A few days later Ellen and Natasha go to lunch where she recognised him and offered to return his missing tooth, which ultimately led to them getting together.[3]

During the formation of Deathmøle, Natasha originally played keyboard, before buying a vintage (and expensive) guitar, later revealing that her parents are extremely wealthy.[4] However she is not naturally adept at playing the guitar, despite believing that she is.

The job that Marten now holds at the Smif library is actually Nat's old job.[1] Nat lost it in a rather unusual manner.[5]

Natasha seemed to be more concerned over the bands iconography then actually writing or performing music, suggesting that she was interested in the material obligations of being in the band.[6]

When Amir suggests that she try to keep in time with the rest of the group during a practice session she becomes enraged, accuses him of thinking she isn't good enough and dumps him before announcing that she is quitting the band. Although immediately after she requests that Amir help her move her equipment.[7]


Natasha is usually known for her lapsed attitude towards hygiene as she believes in a more "natural" body odor.[8]


Natasha has a history of heavy drinking and has passed out naked in public due to intoxication.[5]

Music preferences[]

Natasha is a fan of heavy metal, and was, at least nominally, a member of Deathmøle. She is a fan of God Forbid.[9]


  • "My guitar doesn't gently weep, it screeches profanity!"[10]