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Mrs. Whitaker is the mother of Faye and Amanda. She was married to David Whitaker before he committed suicide.


She once kicked Amanda out when she found out she was a lesbian.[1] However, she still loved her and let her move back in. She has since come to accept her daughter's sexuality.[2]

Mrs. Whitaker had mental health issues after her husband's suicide, becoming excessively anxious about Faye's safety.[3] She has improved after being put on anti-anxiety medication.[4]


Mrs. Whitaker is not particularly religious.[5] She regularly attends church.[2]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]


Mrs. Whitaker has been celibate since her husband's death and has no plans to remarry, though she has lamented to Faye that she does have some pent up sexual frustration as a result.[6] She was willing to "put out" before the competition.[7]


As a Baptist, Mrs. Whitaker disapproves of alcohol.[8] She does not even like to have people know about her prescription anti-anxiety medication.[4]

Memorable quotes[]

  • To Faye: "I love you, sweetie, but you're crazier than a mule on a Ferris wheel."[2]
  • "Of course it will honey, that's life's blessin'. It always goes on."[7]