Mrs. Augustus is the mother of Claire and Clinton Augustus.

She lives at 221 Elm,[1] where Claire also lived[2] before moving in with Marten.[3]




During Claire's exams, Mrs. Augustus helped her relax.[4] While they were tripping, a borzoi dog came into the house.[5] The dog was swiftly named Cosmo.[6] With Dora's help the dog was taken to a veterinarian.[7] While the veterinary office was looking for the owners of the lost dog, Mrs. Augustus acquired a book about borzois.[8] After the holding period of one week, she adopted Cosmo.[9]


Mrs Augustus is friendly, decisive and apparently feels she has the right to interfere in a mild way in her children's personal lives.[citation needed]

She seems to have a serene strength beyond most of the other characters. Between her divorce and her son's fireworks injury, she has been through a lot in the past decade.

Mrs. Augustus is also quite lenient, as she allowed Claire to move in with Marten without a second thought.[10]

She makes better pancakes than the local diner in Northampton.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll Edit

Mrs. Augustus has an active sex life, dating people her son's age, one of whom Clinton tutored. She frequently gets late night booty calls.

Mrs. Augustus recreationally smokes pot through a vape pen.[11]

Mrs. Augustus has taken to bass guitar playing, impressing Marten.[12]


She has the same red hair, blue eyes, and mild overbite as her two children.



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