Millefeuille[2] is a robot research scientist.


Scientists 4066

Millefeuille and Research partner Jones

She and her human partner Jones encounter Winslow while searching for an emu that has apparently gotten loose.[3]

On the same day, after a visit to May, Winslow tripped over the missing emu which has a cloaking device as well as a tracker.[3][4] Shortly thereafter, the emu breaks Millefeuille's leg and Jones carries her to nearby Union Robotics,[1] where Faye and Bubbles, assisted by newly-minted intern Samantha,[5] make temporary repairs to her leg until a replacement femur can be obtained.[6]

Body modificationEdit

Thicc A Butt Catalog

Faye points out implant options to Millefeuille

While at Union Robotics, Millefeuille asked about getting butt implants.[6] Given the choice between additional myomer for a more muscular bottom or implants for a more jiggly one, she chose gel-type implants.[7]

Millefeuille was very happy with her new ass[8] and rushes out to celebrate with Jones as her designated sober buddy. She engaged Drunk Mode at The Horrible Revelation[9] and participated in a Butt-judging contest against Tai Hubbert.[10]

The next day, Millefeuille found herself on the living room floor of Dora's apartment, suffering from a hangover and thanking Dora and Tai for preventing her from buying a lot of shoes while drunk.[11][12] It had turned out that Tai had asked Millefeuille to be her "best AI" at her wedding.[13]

Meeting Renee and Brun Edit

Renee and Brun had moved in downstairs from Millefeuille.[14] Beepatrice lives down the hall.[15] During the housewarming party Brun and Millefeuille drank ouzo.[16] They interfered with unpacking, so Renee assigned them to holding a lampshade and a plant.[17] Brun fell asleep on top of Millefeuille.[18] After waking up they went to brunch.[19] Afterwards, they went to a park.[20]


Millefeuille likes children[21] and allowed Sam to assist in her repair[22] and implantation[23] (with appropriate permission from dad, Jim[6][24]) and is enthusiastic about her work,[3][4] though she may be a little absentminded. After her repair, Millefeuille left Jones behind.[25]

She likes to play VR romance games.[26] Millefeuille uses an app Drinkr Pro to simulate drunkenness.[27][28]

Body typeEdit

Her body model is not known at this point, however we know it is a human standard one,[24] using lightweight composite bone structures.[6]


Millefeuille's implant surgery[23][8] is an instance where author Jeph had to hide portions of the comic under censor boxes. The uncensored pages are available to Patreons of the comic.


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