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Mieville (rhymes with "evil")[1] is Dora Bianchi's pet cat and one of the only two organic pets in the strip, the other being Sven Bianchi's cat Princess. Mieville is named for author China Mieville.[2]


Mieville is very affectionate towards Dora and a useful companion for sorting out her thoughts.[3] Dora holds conversations with Mieville in which she pretends that Mieville is speaking thoughts she is reluctant to acknowledge. She has claimed on more than one occasion that he has frequently suggested murder to her as a way of solving her problems.[3][4]

Mieville likes people[5] but has drawbacks if allowed into a human's bed[6] or even just around the house.[7] Mieville hates bathing.[8] His presence tends to interrupt people.[9]

Mieville becomes more involved in the strip after Dora moves in with Marten and Faye. Dora introduces him to Pintsize, who tried to impress upon the cat that he is the higher being. Mieville becomes terrifying, enough to render Pintsize virtually catatonic with fear.[10]

In the strip immediately following, Hannelore unintentionally does the same thing to Mieville[11] - so we can assume he is just as afraid of her.

Despite being more friendly with Winslow, he knocks him over and uses him as a heated cushion he falls asleep on.[12]

When the jet powered Roombas return to the building the characters live in, Mieville teams up with them, lying on top as they fly around and grabbing Pintsize.[13] He is more mellow when on catnip.[14]

Mieville is a mouser.[15]

It is unknown how old Mieville is.