Melon is a female robot who showed up in Faye and Bubbles' new shop, Union Robotics, along with Arthur.[1] She has a detachable ass, which was apparently lost in orbit for unexplained reasons. She paid for the shop's services in constructing a new ass for her, making her their first customer. She has melon-green hair and pink eyes.


After the detachable ass story, Melon appeared in the background in strip 3492.

Melon likes to wander around. She entered Steve's house through a tunnel in basement and had breakfast with him[2]. Melon lives in the same building as Elliot and once wandered into his apartment because she ignored apartment numbers, considering them as "abstract concepts".[3]


Melon tries drain cleaner in 3729

Melon lives with Arthur and works in some kind of performance which involves various critters.[4] Melon has not got tired of this job yet.[5] She is friends with Roko, and once came to sit on her couch[6] and discuss Roko's bread fetish.[7] Melon joins Arthur, PT410x, Gordon, and other robots on poker nights.[8] Same as Bubbles, Melon smells drinks, but prefers much stronger smells of various chemicals to teas.[9][10][11]

May, Pintsize, and Melon go to the same support group for robots.[12] Melon met Anthony Jones at one of sessions of the group.[13]

Melon once tried build a volcano model with Arthur. The experiment broke the ceiling to reveal Roko's apartment below.[14]

During Roko's body crushing incident Melon was trying to be supportive. She sang songs out of tune to the mainframe, which simulated the virtual environment Roko was temporary placed in.[15] Melon also met Roko at Bodyhub when she has acquired her new Model G body.[16]. And she kept an eye on Roko at her apartment during her first days in new body.[17][18][19]