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Meena is a pathologist's assistant at the county morgue[1] and one of Steve's former girlfriends. She is Dave's wife.



Meena dated Dave, who she is living with when Steve meets her, for about four years.[2] During their relationship, Meena cheated on Dave with a random guy she met at a bar, saying that she was pushed to because Dave is so "perfect". Dave forgives her, and she ends the relationship.[3]

She felt that Dave was only dating her out of charity, and kept waiting for him to realize that she was not good enough for him.[4]

Meena is ethnically Indian.[5]

Meeting Steve[]

When Steve and Meena first begin dating, Dave tells Steve that he is still in love with her, but accepts Steve's relationship with her.[6]

Steve first runs into Meena on the street while he is talking to himself, having a sort of emotional breakdown.[7] The two have lunch at a nearby restaurant and Steve asks for Meena's number; she refuses, and instead takes his, saying she hasn't made up her mind about him just yet.[8]

After Steve meets Dave, he is troubled by his and Meena's past, and the fact that the two still live together[6]

Steve and Meena end their relationship when Dave proposes to Meena (to which she accepts, citing that they are meant for one another).[9]

The last we hear of Meena and Dave is that they are happily married and trying for kids.[10]