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Maurice Duplantier Reed is Henry Reed's husband.



Maurice was an environmental engineer, mainly active in wetlands preservation,[1] and is now a golf instructor.[2]


He was mentioned before by Veronica Reed, when she came to visit Marten. Her assessment was that "they make a far better couple than we ever did".[3] She also mistakenly referred to him as "Marcel" at the time.

His age is unknown, but he does appear to be much younger than Henry.

How they met[]

Maurice's friends took him to the nightclub that Henry Reed, Marten's dad, owns and operates, where he and Henry engaged in conversation and hit it off. What with Maurice not being a nightclub kind of guy, intoxication got the better of him, resulting in Maurice vomiting over Henry's shoes, and then proceeding to pass out.

When he came over next weekend to apologize, they talked some more and, as Henry stated it, "things developed naturally from there".[1]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

Maurice is exclusively homosexual as far as we know. He uses alcohol, and has unknown musical tastes.

Memorable quotes[]

  • "Horses never forget. That's why they're called 'nature's elephants.'"[4]


When he was first mentioned, Veronica referred to him as "Marcel".[3] Also, when he was first introduced to Dora, he said he was an "environmental engineer";[1] it could be argued that he was trying to impress Marten and Dora, instead of telling them that he was actually a groundskeeper at a golf course. This is unlikely, though, because he told Marten and Dora he worked in "wetlands preservation", and Marten told Claire he teaches golf.

Despite Henry's friendship with Veronica, Maurice does appear intimidated by her presence,[5] which may or may not have resulted in his choice of entrance for the wedding.[6]