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Lydia is an intern working for Sven Bianchi. She is also a student at Smif College.


Lydia is a music major at Smif College. She has a focus on composition, specifically pop songwriting.[1]

Sven Bianchi hired Lydia when he was too drunk at a Smif benefit dinner.[2] After completing some trivial tasks and realizing that Sven's creative process involved a lot of lying around and waiting for inspiration Lydia wanted to end the internship, but Sven convinced her to stay by showing a list of song he plans to write.[3] Sven has never made a pass at Lydia and has even preemptively ruled out a sexual relationship.[4] He has pushed the boundaries of their working relationship.[4][5] It is uncertain as to whether her internship is ongoing or not.


Lydia is eager to learn, occasionally sarcastic,[6][7] and has been known to meddle.[8]

Music preferences[]

Oddly, her musical tastes have never been mentioned. She does despise at least some of Sven's work.[9]


  • "Oh, HELL no. I'm your intern, not your MAID."[5]
  • "I'm your intern, not your mother."[4]
  • "I'm double majoring in Music and Being a Decent Human Being"[10]