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This a list of minor characters of Questionable Content.


Character Description Appearances
Agatha Agatha is a giant robot bear who works in the same place as Beeps, Nelson and Roko. She introduces herself as "the custodian". 4210: Out Of Hibernation

Allie meeting Tai

Allie is a blue-haired female who was at one point a resident of Northampton, and familiar with Tai. She was previously involved with Tai, though Tai far prefers Dora to her.[1] Number 2577: Suffer Not A Smirk

Anette in Tai's bed.

Annette is Tai's hookup. Marten and Steve meet Annette in Tai's dorm room. Annette has odd markings on the sides of her torso. She claims to teach physics at Hampshire. Number 1540: Why Hello There

Number 1541: There Really Are Hot Ones


Character Description Appearances
Barry (robot)
Barry is a member of the Robot-Fighting Ring. Although his chassis was heavily damaged in the ring by Reginald, he doesn't take it personally and considers him a friend. Number 3017: Fite Nite

Number 3018: Friendly Fire

Barry (human)
Barry was a patron at The Nasty Whale before it burned down. He claims that Brun pointed a shotgun at him once,[2] but the gun was actually edited out of canon and replaced with a harpoon.[3] He has an unusual fixation with animal semen. Number 3211: Say His NameNumber 3218: Bullwinkle, Number 3248: Political Discrimination, Number 3545: Crocodilian Concerns
Benji is an ex-boyfriend of Raven. Raven broke up with him over political and sexual incompatibilities. He has been described as a busker (street musician) and a hobo. Number 1061: Rank And FileNumber 1065: They Have To Be, mentioned in Number 1129: Hunter-Gathering Sucks
Bleminda is a recurring customer at Coffee of Doom. She never gives her real name, but the name Bleminda is given to her by Emily during her training and it seems to stick. She always orders a large latte.

Her design is based on BioWare writer and author Sam Maggs.[4]

Bleminda once came to Coffee of Doom with her friend Garbaldo.

Number 3113: Second Try,

Number 3126: Been A While I Guess, Number 3310: Bleminda Rides Again, Number 3533: Just Another Manic Monday, Number 3615: Tilly Has No Chill

Bob is one of Tai's hippie friends. He is a "gentle giant" type who is fond of giving bear hugs, even to people he's just met. He also enjoys drinking games and telling stories of his fascinating personal experiences. Number 2618: Hi, BobNumber 2625: :D :D :D
Beast of Bourbon

The Beast of Bourbon is a hallucination created by Marten after heavy consumption of bourbon. It appears in the bathroom of his apartment. Similar to the Tequila Monster, the Beast of Bourbon is a large, bipedal, weasel-like creature. The Beast reappeared when Marten was getting drunk in the aftermath of his break-up with Dora.

He apparently knows a nine-foot pterodactyl named "Gary", which requires even more alcohol consumption to see.

Number 719: Don't Wanna Be Your Beast Of Bourbon

Number 721: Speed Lines Equal INTENSITY

Number 1816: My Heart Is Not At Peace


Not much is known about the "bros" other than that they show up when anyone mentions bros. The chunky bro is Jeph's favorite. They are named Brad, Chad, and Thad.

Number 1862: The Three Cabrolleros

In Smif's library in Number 1949: Obey Or Get Out.

In The Horrible Revelation in Number 2665: Do They Live There?.

On Tinder in Number 3263: We Found Love In A Hopeless Place.

Buddhist monks Monks which got Dora and Marten involved in a fight. They later visited Coffee of Doom. Number 697: It's Really More Of A Skillet


Character Description Appearances
Chad (salesclerk)
Chad is a male employee of the local computer store. He seems pretty sexist, as he doesn't take Sam seriously when she tries to buy a high-quality microphone. Number 3132: Fucking Chad, Man
Chad is a hook up of Mrs. Augustus. Clinton Augustus tutored Chad last semester. Number 3225: Sports Medicine
Charlotte is an AnthroPC working at Idoru. She has short brown hair and red eyes. She takes great pride in being alive, and seeks to make the most of it. She also likes to sing and pull pranks on customers, despite oppositions from her manager and her coworker Leda.

Before her current job, Charlotte used to be a bank AI.

Number 1998: Robocameos, Number 1999: It's Been A Recurring Problem

Claire (witch)
Claire is the witch who Dora asks to check whether Cosette is cursed. Her job is raising champion wolfhounds.

When Cosette was being hired at Coffee of Doom, Dora and Faye discovered that all her previous employers had closed down, and wondered if she might be cursed. Dora asked Claire, whom she knew from her "coven days", to check her out. Claire concluded that Cosette was not cursed, but had "fried her hair" and had "awful skin". She also intimidated Penelope, who called her "spooky".

Number 1716: Beastmistress

Number 1717: The Prognosis


Character Description Appearances
Delilah is one of Tai's hippie friends. She was the host of a party that Marten joined, partially in the hopes of finding someone to hook up with.[5] Although he makes his move on her awkwardly, she decides with little hesitation to sleep with him. Afterward, she shows no interest in pursuing a relationship with Marten, nor does she remember his name. Number 2617: HighdeasNumber 2628: What's In A Name?


Character Description Appearances
Cloaked Emu
Emu 4075.png
A regular emu which has been equipped with a cloaking device by scientists, met by Winslow. 4075: Glitchy
Emu scientists
Scientists 4066.png
Scientists which were looking for their Cloaked Emu. After an accident during a chase, they came to Union Robotics for repairs. The human is named Jones.[6] The robot is named Millefeuille.[7][8] 4066: Emulation, 4075: Glitchy, 4080: Yelling Bird 2.04090: Unforgettable, 4152: Roasty Toasty

4139: Down To Business

Eva 795.png
Eva is Sven's ex-girlfriend from college. When Sven tries to avoid her by saying Faye is his girlfriend, they get into a spat where Faye accuses Eva of having a "bad dye job" and "stripper heels".

According to Sven, Eva is extremely competent in the bedroom, so much so that he practically had a panic attack when he realized what turning her down really meant.

Number 794: The Last Temptation Of Sven?, Number 795: You Don't Sass Faye


Character Description Appearances

Garbaldo and Bleminda

Friend of Bleminda. Number 3533: Just Another Manic Monday


Character Description Appearances
Harriet is a lawyer of Sven Bianchi. Faye flips out on her when she thinks Harriet is dating him. Harriet was a friend of Sven from college.[9] Number 1162: ConclusionsNumber 1164: Illegal AND Disgusting
Head of security

The head of security the Space Station security detail confronts Marigold Farmer about her manga. Later it is revealed that she spent six hours with him watching anime and eating cookies.

Number 2121: Lieutenant HardassNumber 2123: Indigestion
Hercules 4235.png

Hercules is Elliot's cat. He lives in Elliot's apartment. Yay is very fond of him.[10] Hercules is on a diet.[11]

4235: He's Very Strong, 4373: Get The Toy


Character Description Appearances
Iris is a robot salesgirl who sold Winslow his new body.[12] Her own chassis is a Deluxe model.[13] She likes her job because of hugs.[14] Number 3540: It's Raining Young MenNumber 3542: The More Arms The Better


Character Description Appearances
Jane (referred to as aunt Jane) is the aunt of Marten Reed. It is unclear whether she is the sister of his mother Veronica Vance or his father Henry Reed. She might not be a real aunt, just a friend of his mother. She is an attendant at the wedding between Henry and Maurice. Number 2391: Best FrenemiesNumber 2396: They Do
Anthony Jones

Birth of Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones is a pigeon, which emerged from Pintsize during one of his group therapy sessions. The pigeons residence inside Pintsize is most probably related to the birdseed incident.[15] Melon assumes that Pintsize gave birth to Anthony. The name—Anthony Jones—was given to the pigeon by Melon. 3768: It Keeps Happening3770: Animal House


Character Description Appearances
Luna is Cosette's best friend. She is somewhat protective of Cosette.

Luna is easily intimidated by Cosette and is also apparently prone to misunderstandings with others as well. She explains to Dora and Marten about Cosette's background—which makes Marten somewhat fearful for Steve's well-being.

Number 1546: She Really Oughta Practice MoreNumber 1554: Team Neck Injury


Character Description Appearances
Dan Miller
Dan Miller is an art gallery owner. He agrees to purchase the T-rex espresso machine for $2000 after his partner shows interest in it. He later returns to Coffee of Doom get it. Number 1645: Unexpected Windfall

Number 1978: Triumphant ReturnNumber 1979: Very Mercenary

Dan Miller's partner
Dan Miller's partner shows interest in Faye's Espressosaur, saying it would be perfect for Dan Miller's art gallery.
Moses is a cat that used to live in Elliot's building. He eventually died at the ripe age of 27 years. 3957: A Powerful Incentive3958: Methusaleh
Doctor Mandibles Doctor Mandibles makes a brief appearance as a potential pet for Pintsize. They meet a tragic end with the lighting fixtures. Introduced, named and killed in a single comic, Jeph Jacques remarked that this may be the shortest-lived named character to date. 4561: Insecticide


Character Description Appearances
Mr. Peepers

Winslow reacting with horror to the death of Mister Peepers

Mister Peepers was Winslow's pet cricket. His brief life ended when he found his way into Pintsize's chassis, got stuck on Pintsize's motherboard, and fried himself. At the time, Pintsize believed that the sensation generated by the short circuit meant that he was being subsumed into the Singularity; he was disappointed when Marten disassembled him and discovered the remains of Mister Peepers, which also horrified Winslow.

Number 1785: Ascension, Deferred
The piercer performs a piercing on Tai's genital area. Although she claims to want to get her "clit" pierced[16], is it clarified by the author, and later by Tai herself when she tells Dora[17], that it was actually the clitoral hood (the prepuce, analogous to male foreskin) which was pierced, not the clitoral glans. Number 1247: Some Liberties TakenNumber 1248: That's The Hardest Part
Pizza place owner
The pizza place owner was Dale's employer before Dale quit in Number 2530: Roamin' Candles. Number 2497: Pizza Pizza, Number 2506: Familiar Address, Number 2530: Roamin' Candles


Character Description Appearances
Reginald is a member of the Robot-Fighting Ring. After aggressively beating Barry in the ring, the two are shown to be friends.[18] Number 3017: Fite Nite, Number 3018: Friendly Fire
Rupert Rupert is a Leonberger dog who Brun and Millefeuille met in a park. 4243: Dark Shelby4245: Shoot Your Shot


Character Description Appearances
Scott was Marten's boss. According to Jeph Jacques, Scott's "lackadaisical attitude towards office dress code is one one of the few perks of Marten's job." Scott had a caring and friendly attitude towards his employee Marten, even offering bourbon and advice to Marten when he sensed he was down. He is currently in a gay relationship of six years Number 86: Psychoethanologist, Number 624: Poor Kitten, Number 626: Gonna Beat Up A Printer With A Bat
Gyarados Skullfucker Gyarados Skullfucker, also known as Miss Skullbleeper, is an AI and Sam's English teacher. 4135: Daughter Of Magikarp
A robot who also goes by the online handle "Stabitha". She is Sam's client. Swordsmary came to Union Robotics twice for her sprays. 3795: Knives To Meet You, 3796: But Does It Hurt?, 4123: It's Swordsmary


Character Description Appearances
The Teens A group of young folks who like to sneak into the convenience store where May is working. 4067: Better Than Emus, 4073: Don't Kinkshame, 4096: Popping Off
Tequila Monster

The Tequila Monster is an alcohol-induced hallucination that occasionally appears to harass the drunken, encouraging them to drink more. It has advised Steve to purchase $500 of fantasy knives off of eBay, which Marten ultimately saw the reasoning behind. Tequila Monster visited Tai after drinking night with Marten, Faye, and Dora. It also visited Marten when he was about to drink some scotch with his mother during Henry's and Maurice's wedding. It is possibly related to Beast of Bourbon.

Dora's therapist
Therapist 2170.png
Dora's therapist helps her analyze her control issues, root of which lies in her relationship with Sven. He is a man with a mustache. Number 2170: Eureka Moment,

Number 2171: Beware, Phineus

Lorena Torres
Lorena Torres is a realtor who shows Marten Reed and Faye Whitaker their new apartment. Number 312: Solicitors Will Be ShotNumber 315: Altruism Is Forever
Trashbot Trash bin robot on The Space Station. Number 2131: Trashbot Loves You
Torrent AnthroPC Dora and Tai walk past an AnthroPC with "Will torrent 4 cash" cardboard sign. Number 2257: Body Image


Character Description Appearances
Wedding Registrar
The wedding registrar who pronounces Henry and Maurice married after a very short (though elaborate) ceremony. Number 2395: Yay WeddingsNumber 2396: They Do


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