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Fresh Cuts Salon and Panda House as seen in Number 543: Either/Or.

This is a list of locations in Northampton, Massachusetts.


Location Description First appearance
Marten's apartment First location appearing in the comic. Previous home of Marten Reed and Faye Whitaker. Number One: Employment Sucks
Marten and Faye's apartment 144 Dwight Street, 22. Current home of Marten, Faye, Bubbles, and Claire. Number 313: Those Damn Windows Took Forever To Draw
Hannelore's apartment Home of Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham and Winslow. Upstairs from Marten and Faye's apartment. Number 527: Those Poor Horsies
Dora's first apartment Home of Dora Bianchi before her move to Amherst. Number 78: Who Put The Kick Back?
Sven's apartment. Two story apartment of Sven Bianchi, that he can afford with his country songs royalties. Number 876: It'll All End In Tears
Dave and Meena's apartment. Home of Dave, Meena, and temporarily, Steve, while he was dating Meena. Number 893: Creative Euphemism
Dora's parents' house Home of Peter and Elssa Bianchi. Number 1034: Enigma
Tai's dorm room. Room of Tai Hubbert in the dormitory of Smif College. Number 1540: Why Hello There


Location Description First appearance
Coffee of Doom Coffee shop, owned and operated by Dora Bianchi. Number 75: Provocative
Marten's first job Office of an unnamed company. Number 624: Poor Kitten, possibly earlier
Williston Library Library in the Smif College. Workplace of Tai Hubbert and Marten Reed. The exterior can be seen when Marten and/or Tai walk out, e.g. in Number 974: Goes With The Territory. Number 691: That One Never Gets Old
The Secret Bakery A bakery and a coffee shop owned by Jim Bean. Number 1845: Everywhere Is The Same
Robot-Fighting Ring Illegal fight-club for AnthroPCs run by Corpse Witch. Number 3003: Her Name Is Bubbles
The Nasty Whale Bar with a nautical theme. Former employer of Brunhilde Khoury. Number 3210: This. Is. A. Comic.
Union Robotics Robot repair shop operated by Faye Whitaker and Bubbles. Number 3481: New Title
The Horrible Revelation Bar with antique clothes renting service. Number 1101: Better Left Unsaid, possibly earlier
AI rights nonprofit An organization which supports underprivileged AIs and robots. Workplace of Beepatrice, Nelson, and Roko Basilisk 3883: The Gig Economy

Other locations[]

Location Description First appearance
Irony Cafe Fake vegan restaurant. Number 15: More Vegan Humor
The LANPark Coffee shop for socialization between AnthroPCs. Number 122: L33t-Man
The Purple Opposum[1] Bar where Sven does his acoustic music. Number 519: Merry Christmas
Deathmøle rehearsal space Later, Amir Afridi lives here. Number 553: That Never Helps
Smif College All-girls university loosely based on real-life Smith College. [citation needed]
Doctor Corrine Buenvenida's practice Hannelore's and Faye's therapist's workplace. Number 649: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
The Weeping Demon Bar with Rökk [sic] shows. Number 923: You Do It To Yourself, You Do
Blue Guitars Music store with 1970s Gibson SG in the window display. Number 930: Siren Song
O'Reilley's Pub and Steakhouse[2] Restaurant Dora and Marten go after their argument about Faye sleeping with Sven No appearance, first mention in Number 1141: Mr And Mrs.
Hospital Faye's fall from the ladder is treated here. Number 1156: No Sign Of Hsu :(
Emergency room Penelope Gaines takes Wil here after a car accident. Number 1256: Grey's Anatomy
Oh, Wow A sex shop, where Dora Bianchi takes Faye Whitaker. Number 1379: But Is It Officially Licensed?Number 1383: Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger As Deep Blue
Idoru AnthroPC store, where Marigold Farmer buys new chassis for Momo. Number 1996: Grounds For Divorce

Unnamed locations[]

Location Description Appearances
"Beer is good" bar Unnamed bar with "BEER IS GOOD" circular poster on the wall. Number 513: It Is Good, Number 644: That's Either Guinness Or Chocolate Milk
Unnamed green-walled restaurant Number 637: There Is Probably An Emo Band Named FallDownStairs
Music store Store where Marten helps Hannelore buy her drum kit. Number 863: I Love Hearing Boston Kids Pronounce "Hardcore"
"Drink moar beers plz" bar Unnamed bar where they take "Ladies' Night" very seriously. Named after the poster on the bar's wall. Number 868: Moar Is My Favorite Internet Word Now
Unnamed geographically themed burger joint Fast food restaurant where everything on the menu is named after cities. Number 883: Supreme Willpower
Steve and Meena first date restaurant Unnamed restaurant with classy art on the walls. Number 891: Staht Da Reactah
Unnamed hotel Hotel Beatrice Chatham stays in during her visit to Hannelore. Number 921: Starring Carrie Fisher
Unnamed gym Gym Penelope Gaines takes Faye and Dora to. Number 997: Maple Syrup Run
"Napoleon on the beach" restaurant Restaurant Marten and Dora visit on a date. Number 1006: Napoleon On The Beach
Karaoke bar Unnamed karaoke bar Faye and Hannelore go on Hannelore's 22nd birthday.[3]

Interior consistent with The Purple Opossum[4] where Sven does his acoustic music.[5][6]

Number 1071: I Can't Recommend The Peyote Weisbock
"Girl with a basket" coffeeshop Sven and Wil discuss Sven's hookup with Faye here. Number 1128: Higgs Boson Aubade
Bar with beer stein shelf Amir Afridi, Marten, and Hannelore discuss Amir's ex-girlfriends here. Coloration and steins consistent with The Horrible Revelation[7] Number 1182: Good Beer Gone To Waste
Piercing salon Tai takes Marten to pierce her clitoris here. Number 1247: Some Liberties Taken
Neon "Open" sign diner Number 561: QC Loves Aussies, Number 607: Does That Place Ever Close?
"Eat our goddamned food" diner Number 578: He Swears It Was An Accident

Background locations[]

Note: neighboring shops are listed together.

Locations Appearances
"Fresh Cuts Salon"[8]
"Panda House"
"Perhaps Computers"
Number 518: Corey Hart, Actually, Number 543: Either/Or, Number 608: Worrywarts, Number 3586: The Best Lattes In Life Are Free
"SLAM" Number 545: Conversational
"Turn it ____"
Number 545: Conversational, Number 563: Serial Killer Couture
Northampton City Hall. Reference image. Number 816: Friggin' Architecture
"Pleasant sounds" Number 882: Actually You'd Also Need A Cute Lesbian Couple, Number 1143: Attainment, Number 2081: Great Expectations
"Touristy bullshit" souvenir shop Number 1259: No Offense To The Bedouin, Number 1286: Self-Preservation
"_____R Escape Jewelry" Somewhere before Number 1319: The Flimsiest Of Logic.
"Generic Asia Fusion" Number 2579: Deathmole?
"World Market" 4230: To Be Truthful