This is a list of all comics of Questionable Content that describe characters. They are inspired by Dave Kellet's animal anatomy comics, published in Sheldon[1]

Year Comic Character Notes
2015 Number 3004: Anatomy Of A Combat Droid Bubbles
2015 Number 3014: Robot Anatomy II Momo
2015 Number 3015: Robot Anatomy III Pintsize
2015 Number 3028: Robot AnAAAAAAAtomy Gordon
2015 Number 3035: Robot Anatomy IV: A New Hope May Name is a reference to the 1977 film Star Wars, later retitled as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
2015 Number 3056: Robot Anatomy V: Return To Oz Winslow Made prior to Winslow being rehoused in a Deluxe Regular Boy chassis. Name is a reference to the 1985 film "Return to Oz".
2016 Number 3230: Human Anatomy Brun The only description featuring a human.
2018 3901: Multiple Anatomy[2] Spookybot Also features Spookybot's dogs — Mr. Smooches and Azathoth.


  1. Number 3004: Anatomy Of A Combat Droid
  2. Due to an error (as of 2019-03-28), the comic is overwritten with 3906: Family Citrus. Original has been backed up on imgur.
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