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This is a list of all comics of Questionable Content published on Jeph's birthdays, June 17.[1]

Year Comic Notes
2004 Number 142: Thongs Are The Cheap Property
2005 Number 384: Neon Genesis Pintsizelion Being one of earlier comics, Jeph posted quite a long news post with the comic.
2006 Number 643: I'm Onto You, Canucks Jeph mentions the date of his birthday—17th, and age—26—in the text section.
2007 Number 906: They'll Be Doing This For Twenty Minutes Straight
2008 Number 1166: Universal Standard At 28 years old, Jeph mentions outliving Cobain and Jimi Hendrix in the text section. The following series of comics depicts dreams of Hannelore, Marten, and Dora.
2009 Number 1429: True Bromance
2010 Number 1690: For The Record, I Did NOT Ask For This As A Present The comic shows Yelling Bird launching fireworks out of its cloaca.
2011 1950: IT'S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY Text section mentions Jeph's age in 2011, which is 31. It is also an animated comic.
2012 2211: P O N Y B A L L O O N Also includes a photo of Jeph's gift — an inflatable pony.
2013 2470: ITS MAH BIRFDAY It is also an animated comic.
2014 Number 2727: An Alarming Amount Of Bunny
2015 Guest week Number 2981: QC Guest Week 2015: K.B. SpanglerNumber 2987: QC Guest Week 2015: Veronica Jeph went on vacation before his birthday and posted guest comics for a week.[2] At the time Jeph's was busy with preparations for his move to Canada[3] Number 2983: QC Guest Week 2015: Christopher Baldwin was posted on June 17th.
2016 N/A June 17th was a Saturday. No guest comics or specials were posted. Number 3245: Taking Time and Number 3246: Clockwise Or Counter-Clockwise were posted on Friday and next Monday correspondingly.
2017 N/A June 17th was a Sunday. No guest comics or specials were posted. Number 3507: But Did He Pay Up? and Number 3508: Long Distance Update were posted on Friday and next Monday correspondingly.
2018 3766: Build A Time Machine
2019 4026: Office Politics Birthday directly referenced by Jeph in the newspost: "It's my birthday! I'm OLDER".