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Faye in 3 and 1601.

This is an incomplete list of all comics of Questionable Content, which have several versions. This includes strips redrawn for book release, alternative versions of strips or just endings, higher resolution versions of strips or panels, etc.

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An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that Millefeuille password-locking her memories conflicted with the (rather important, IMO) storyline about how Bubbles lost hers! So I rewrote those strips. When you've written four thousand comics, you're bound to dig some plot holes eventually!

One thing I've learned is that it's generally better to rewrite than handwave, when possible, and I'd rather have slightly different jokes than a conflict in the logic of my worldbuilding.

Jeph Jacques[2][3]
  • Claire's description of Pintsize bringing an opossum to the apartment in 4189: Goodbye, Friend had to be slightly tweaked.[4] Originally, Claire said to Marten in third panel: "Faye was, and Pintsize had brought an opossum into the house so I don't think he really cares", which implied that the opossum could have been his reaction to finding out about Claire being trans.[5] This would have been a continuity error, since Pintsize had already discussed it with Claire in Number 3185: Fleshy Bits.


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