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Lieutenant Potter ("Abbie" socially)[1] is a member of the security detail from the US Air Force on Hannelore's Dad's Space Station. She appears in Comic Strip 2114 to do a security check of Marigold and Marten.



Lt. Potter is a US Air Force Academy graduate - though possibly not in good standing.[2]

She also tends to lose much of her military bearing when she's intoxicated.[3][4]


The primary role for Abbie (presumably short for "Abigail") on the station appears to be that of a glorified TSA agent. She realizes, however, that she gets "to do it in SPACE. Can't complain about that."[5]

She does appear to be a little out of shape from working on the Space Station, as she was winded when she caught up to Hannelore and her friends.

Major events[]

Station offered her stock worth $4.5 million in apology for displaying an off-color picture of her from Facebook.[6] She turned it down on principle.[7]

She encouraged Marten to send Padma "an email or something" so as not leave their relationship "off on a sad note."[8]


Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

She prefers big guys - ones who can bench-press her one-handed.[1]

She is not a fan of zero-G makeouts.[5]

She uses alcohol and her musical tastes are unknown.