John Ellicott-Chatham[3] is the 56-year-old[4] reclusive[5] father of Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham and a wealthy retiree whose most recent hobby was textiles.[6]

According to Hannelore, he spends most of his time on his own space station, where Hannelore grew up.

Like his daughter, he appears to have mental health problems.[7]

The longest arc mentioning him prior to The Birthday Party story arc[8] was the one in which he built a "robot boyfriend" for Hannelore.[7]

Doctor Ellicott is notable for several major technological advances[9]:

  • Developed the first "true" AI (the foundation of his fortune)[10]
  • Developed the quasiperpetual myomer
  • Pioneered sustainable AI-controlled orbital habitats
  • Designed microsatellites that keep the Earth's albedo stable
  • Invented the Robot Hamster
  • Created swarms of cancer-fighting nano-machines[11]

He has designed at least one robot prosthesis.[12] He also developed a paranormal containment field in 1984.[13]

Dr. Ellicott made his first actual appearance in the strip looking for his MP3 Player after Marten, Hannelore and Marigold met him.[14]

Hannelore's dad is only referred to as "Doc" in one strip, when Lt. Potter was talking to Space Station about his actions in her first appearance in the strip.[15]

Trivia Edit

  • John Ellicott-Chatham is not sure about his hyphenated last name after the divorce.[14] Word of God is that "He hasn’t dropped the hyphenated name. For reasons that may someday be explained, or not."[16]


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