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Jimbo is a redneck that befriended Marten in a bar; he was originally a construction worker[1] but he quit in order to pursue a career writing romance novels[2] of which Tai is a fan.[3] He has since experimented with other genres following a falling out with his publisher.[4]



  • Drusilla of Borehelm Manor, under the name Rutherford Wainwright Ashecrofte[3]

In progress[]

  • March of the Sword-Princess Leihaephaera[5]
  • Antoinette Banemoon and the Case of the Airship Automatons[5] (which is also the subject of a guest strip)[6]
  • An untitled science fiction story[7]
  • Untitled short story taking after "The Old Man And the Sea"[8]
  • Untitled movie script like "Easy Rider" with dump trucks[8]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

Jimbo is heterosexual and a heavy drinker. His taste in beers is simple, and he doesn't really care what it is as long as it's beer, finding the act of ordering beer from an extensive list somewhat intimidating. However, a trip to the Horrible Revelation expanded his palate somewhat, and he begrudgingly admitted that the higher quality craft beers taste alright in spite of being "fancy."

His musical tastes, if any, are unknown.

Memorable quotes[]

  • "Everything would be better if we had hot-ass slutty chicks runnin' things"[7]
  • "Drusilla's ample bosoms, engorged with ill-concealed lust for the dashing young Lord Forwhyllyn, strained against her bustier like half-wild horses straining against their new master's bridle."[3]
  • "Drusilla gasped as Lord Forwhyllyn loosed his throbbing manhood from the sweaty confines of his breeches and plunged it into her quivering woman-flesh."[2]
  • "All's I know is we went to a literary convention, I started drinkin', and next thing I know is my agent's drivin' like a bat outta hell with me hid in the trunk and I ain't allowed in Canada ever again."[9]

Jimbo's Gallery[]