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Jim Bean[1] is the 41-year-old[2] owner and baker of The Secret Bakery. He went on a date with Dora and is currently dating Veronica Reed.



Jim used to be married but got divorced. Apparently it was a rough divorce—after which he fired his lawyer.[3] His ex-wife still lives in the area.[4]

He has a 13-year-old daughter, Samantha,[5] of whom he is overprotective.[6] A few years after Samantha was born, he underwent a vasectomy.[7]

He apparently can be bribed with mixed drinks.[8]

Jim is very passionate about baking.[9]


After Faye Whitaker found out about the quality of pastry from The Secret Bakery,[10] she and Padma brought Jim to negotiate a deal with Coffee of Doom—baking goods in exchange for roasted coffee beans.[11]

He has had a romantic interest in Dora, though they both realize it probably wasn't meant to be.[12]


Jim had issues on his next date—as in, they were both looking for different things.[7]

There have been recent queries as to whether he is considered "cute" by other cast members.[13]

Jim has been introduced to Veronica Reed. Oddly, both of his romantic interests within the cast have had a significant age gap- Dora, who was around thirteen years younger, and Veronica, who is fifteen years older.

First date with Veronica: Number 2690: Where Is The Soul PatchNumber 2705: Together Indeed.

Memorable quotes[]

  • (on his previous lawyer) "No, seriously, I fired him. Guy couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag."[3]
  • "'re the PERFECT age to start breeding!"[5]
  • (being asked how a date went) "Well, I got back HERE twenty minutes early."[14]