Jim Bean[1] is the 41-year-old[2] owner and baker of The Secret Bakery. He first appears in comic 1926 to negotiate with Dora about exchanging coffee for pastries.


He used to be married but got divorced. Apparently it was a rough divorce - after which he fired his lawyer.[3] His ex-wife still lives in the area.[4]

He has a 13-year-old daughter, Samantha,[5] of whom he is overprotective.[6]

He apparently can be bribed with mixed drinks.[7]

A few years after Samantha was born, he underwent a vasectomy.[8]

Romantic interestsEdit


Jim, trying to be "cute" for a photo?

He has had a romantic interest in Dora, though they both realize it probably wasn't meant to be.[9]

He had issues on his latest date - as in, they were both looking for different things.[8]

There have been recent queries as to whether he is considered "cute" by other cast members.[10]

He has recently been introduced to Veronica Reed. Oddly, both of his romantic interests within the cast have had a significant age gap- Dora, who was around thirteen years younger, and Veronica, who is fifteen years older.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • (on his previous lawyer) "No, seriously, I fired him. Guy couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag."[3]
  • "'re the PERFECT age to start breeding!"[5]
  • (being asked how a date went) "Well, I got back HERE twenty minutes early."[11]