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Jeremy, the Sentient Assembly Arm is a member of the repair crew for the Robot-Fighting Ring. As his name implies, Jeremy's chassis is an assembly arm.

As Jeremy lacks the standard appearance of most physical AI's, characters frequently tend to dismiss him. This upsets him greatly (he hates being referred to as "a THING.")[1]

Jeremy puts in long hours at Robot-repair, putting severe strain on his arm structure. Faye has chastised him for this at least once.[2]

Jeremy has a good working relationship with Bubbles, understanding her mistrust of Corpse Witch and advising her to seek further help from humans.[3]

In his off-hours, Jeremy is a fan of comic books- particularly Squirrel Girl. He apparently has a smaller set of arms built to turn pages.[3]

Jeremy looks at his new arms in Number 3447: Up For Discussion.

When Corpse Witch left the Robot-Fighting Ring, Jeremy became the new owner of the building.[4] He has since had new limbs added to his chassis to help maintain things properly.[5][6]

Jeremy secretly had a crush on Number Seven,[6] and they now appear to be in a relationship.[7]

He helped Faye and Bubbles move equipment into Union Robotics building.[8]