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Henry Reed is Marten Reed's father and ex-husband of Veronica Vance.

Marten revealed that Henry is gay, which contributed to the divorce between himself and Veronica when Marten was ten years old.[1] The divorce was messy at the time,[2][3] but they are now friends.[4]


Henry currently lives in Miami, where he runs a gay nightclub,[4] apparently an upscale one,[5] and is now married to his long time partner, an environmental engineer and golf instructor named Maurice Duplantier.[6]

Old family pictures[7] show he had brown hair before turning gray.[8] He is now in his late 50s.[9]

Sex and drugs and rock&roll[]

He describes himself as gay, and although married to a woman for several years, ultimately broke up in order to pursue other men. He uses alcohol and formerly cocaine,[10] and his musical tastes are unknown.


He skis.[11]