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Francis York is one of the researchers on Space Station Elicott-Chatham. He appears during the birthday party on the Station, asking Marten about Marigold.

Francis is an expert in Stress-energy Tensor Fields in Newtonian physics,[1] but has little to no clue as to how to approach a pretty girl. Like, for example, Marigold.

He does end up taking Marten's suggestion as to how to approach Marigold (via Pokemon), but Marigold botches it - leaving her DS with him in fear.[2] Being intelligent (and thinking she was WONDERFUL!), he took advantage and composed the cutest nerd note ever: "MARBEAR YOU ARE VERY PRETTY WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO LOOK AT THE STARS AND HOLD HANDS Y/N".[3]

After an aborted attempt at Null-G makeouts,[4] Francis patiently waits for Marigold the following morning outside her quarters.[5] They share a passionate embrace and kiss in strips 2161 and 2163, but are unintentionally interrupted by Hannelore and Marten. She "touched his weiner," as well.[6]

Jeph has implied that he named Francis after the protagonist of the video game Deadly Premonition.[7]