The Espressosaurs (or Espressosaurus Rex) are two all-metal artistic pieces made by Faye for the Coffee of Doom. Dora commissioned the first piece[1] to help Faye get over her relationship with Sven.

Both pieces are individual espresso machines in the shape of a metallic dinosaur. The first one was shaped like a Tyrannosaurus. According to Faye, it was "originally just gonna be a scale prototype," but she determined that "it's safer at this size anyways."[2] That machine was admired by a couple, Dan Miller and his partner, who visited Coffee of Doom, who then commissioned one for their art studio - with Dora getting a 10% commission on the sale.[3]

Faye had problems with the second "version" of the piece, which was shaped like a Apatosaurus (Brontosaur). When she first tried to get it to run, the head and neck assembly blew off and flew across the shop - making Hannelore glad she brought her helmet in to work.[4]

Raven added a parallel entanglement processing core[5] to the Apatosaurus version, causing it to suddenly disappear in a bright flash. Raven calculated that it would return "in 96,763 seconds with an amazing cup of espresso."[6]

Shortly thereafter, the Espressosaur appeared in another webcomic, The Whiteboard. Strangely enough, it disappeared in the very next strip.

Fortunately enough, the Espressosaur did in fact return in approximately 96,763 seconds, comic time: 1 day, 2 hours, 52 minutes and 43 seconds, though Raven chalked it up to Adams' Law. The "amazing cup of espresso", however was nowhere to be found.

Since creating the espressosaurs, Faye has gotten bored with dinosaurs and was last seen designing an Anomalocaris.[7]