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Elliot is an employee at The Secret Bakery. He was one of the first characters introduced at the bakery.


Elliot works for Jim at The Secret Bakery. It was also mentioned in passing by Wil that he may also be a part-time bouncer at The Horrible Revelation.[1] This is confirmed in comic #2937.

He was in love with Padma, a former employee of The Secret Bakery.[2] Unfortunately, the feeling wasn't mutual.[3] He later develops a crush on Brun,[4] however he does not immediately find out whether or not she returns the feelings.[5] Brun eventually tells Elliot that she is not attracted to him, and they agree to remain friends.[6] His coworker Renee finds him attractive[7][8], but it doesn't seem as though any romantic relationship will form. After she confessed to finding him attractive, they returned to platonic friend mode.[9][10] He later reveals to Renee that he is bisexual and attracted to Clinton.[11]

During Clinton's visit to The Horrible Revelation,[12] a misunderstanding about deodorant led to an awkward moment between Elliot, Brun, and Clinton.[13]

Elliot confessed his feelings to Clinton, and Clinton visited The Horrible Revelation for drinks during one of Elliot's shifts.[14]


Hugging with Clinton Augustus and Brun


Elliot appeared to be rather mopey when first introduced.[15] It was later determined it was a case of "unrequited love". He also has a slight problem with "quietly looming".[16] Elliot tends to over-apologize in an autonomic process.[17] When Yay tries to intimidate Elliot, he compliments them saying that they were almost scary, much to Yay's chagrin.[18] When talking to someone that he's attracted to, Elliot can become very awkward.[19] He admits that he's afraid to talk to people he's attracted to because it might ruin friendships.[6]


He likes hiking,[20] but that may because Padma enjoys hiking. During a conversation with Hannelore and Marten, he stated that he likes to go fishing.[21] He also works out, though he neglects leg day, which results in his less than killer bubble butt.[22]

He takes care of a cat, named Hercules.[23]

Elliot likes "the part of baseball where you drink beer and eat hot dogs."[24]


Elliot is one of the tallest characters in the strip, more so than both Wil and Sven, and second only to Bubbles[25]. This is exceptionally evident in comic #2021 when he is stood next to Marten. Marten does find him physically intimidating.[26]