Dr. Corrine Buenvenida (better known as Doctor Corrine) is Hannelore's psychotherapist, and when Hannelore referred Faye to her, Faye's as well. She has only appeared in therapy sessions with Faye in the strip (canonically).

She is a practical, down-to-earth person, with a somewhat warped sense of humor, capable of fending off Faye's cynicism. According to Jeph Jacques, "...a lot of the stuff Dr. Corrine tells Faye probably wouldn’t be 'ethical' in the real world".[1] Her actions toward Hannelore may also be outside the mainstream of therapeutic protocols.[2]

According to Faye, who may have been kidding, Dr. Buenvenida has refused to deal with anyone else from Faye's social circle,[3] though she gave Dora a referral to another therapist. Not meeting with Faye in nearly two thousand strips may have been a factor in Faye's breakdown drinking binge.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "Okay then! You need a lobotomy! Hang on while I go get my brain spoon and some local anaesthetic. Which eye is your dominant one? I usually like to go in through the other eye socket."[4]
  • "That's still in clinical trials."[5]
  • "Hang on, hang on. I'm gonna get some thumbtacks and colored string so we can diagram this."[6]
  • "'Just go out and bang some dude' is one of the phrases you will never hear a psychiatrist say. Other such phrases include 'I think the heroin is doing you a lot of good,' and 'Jesus, no WONDER your mother never loved you.'"[7]